Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Amazing Skip Find!

Went shopping today to look for suitable lighting for my table at KDF, and also to try and find some carboard tubing i need to keep items safe travelling.
Found the lighting, but had no luck with suitable wide tubing.
So thought i'd look around the industrial estate and especially the skips/large rubbish containers. I love skips by the way, lol.
Just about gave up and then found the best skip ive ever seen, full of tubing... but with materail attached to it still!!! Just couldn't believe my luck.
Here's what ive taken off the tubes... wish i'd taken more now. Theres a lot of muslin in this pile and i use that all the time so doubt i'll ever have to buy it again. Lots of the material i will use when i decorate the whole of the downstairs during the summer. Its mostly creams/beige/gold and would have cost me a fortune.
I cant believe the company could throw it out. If it was me i'd have offered it to students on textile/fashion/art courses.
So its all off the rolls and now i feel like going back and filling the car again.
I dont like to be greedy but its just sitting there on the street asking to be taken away. Whats there is enough to fill an average material shop!
Think i'll go back... God knows what ill do with it all.


  1. Hi Nikki, it is just criminal what shops throw out. If I were you I would definitely do a 2nd trip. Why can't people think? You are right local secondary schools and colleges always need textiles.

    Grrrr! It makes me cross. But at least this time someone gets the benefit. Enjoy!

  2. No definatly go back go back! never look a gift horse in the mouth! It was meant to be for you! Whatever you dont use you can sell on ebay as offcuts and it will sell! But Im sure youll find uses for it all!! Kate xxx

  3. WOW! I'd go back too!!! I'm sure you can find homes for what you dont need. A friend of mine actually found her first dollshouse in a skip, its true what they say 'one mans trash is another mans treasure' or womans in this case LOL

  4. What a find! You have to go back ... you'll kick yourself for ever if you don't :) It's recycling, damnnit!

  5. I'd have run out as fast as I could. Matteo's skis were thrown away by I do not know who: they were PERFECT, not even a single scratch. It was simply shamefull to set them aside and I adopted them. Go and get all that fabric!Rosanna

  6. Nikki you jammy whatsit. What a great find amazing. Go back and get the rest.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. I know, lol... jammy i am. Didn't go back though because had to cook tea and make my name banner... hand painting it (third attempt, lol).
    But there is loads here and will never use it all. If i could and in an ideal world i'd have taken more and posted to you all.
    In the skip there must have been hundreds of half and quarter rolls and even the odd full.
    I thought of you debie when pulling it all out, knowing you would have packed the car to bursting, but ive just not got any way of storing that amount... wish i did.
    Imagine chucking out ski's too... thats bad!

    Nikki xxx

  8. How wonderful is that!
    I can see ya now head disapearing into that skip lol
    Oh dear!

  9. Have you calmed down now, you was so excited when I was talking to you last night. It amazes me that they don't donate the material to a school or college, instead of chucking it all in a skip. What a waste, I'm so glad you managed to grab a load. xx

  10. The textile was beautiful, so calming colors!
    Let's hope you don't regret going back, If there was something that really caught your eye.. I did that one time, and it still haunts me in my dreams now and then..

    Looking forward to see your namesign!:D


  11. Wow, what an amazing find, lovely colours. It is such a shame that it all ended up in a skip, you would have thought that in this day and age they would be made to recyle it rather than just chuck it.

  12. Good spotting!! What a criminal waste to throw these out!! They look beautiful.

  13. And...did you ever go back?

  14. Wow jammy indeed lol. What an amazing find...lucky you.

    Such a shame that it wasn't donated to a school or even a charity shop. People are so wasteful nowadays. I am glad it got a new home though you thought and wasn't just trashed.


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