Tuesday, 13 April 2010

What the ****

I know this is nothing to do with minis, but if like me you like a good laugh and the chance to feel better about yourself then watch this. It's almost like watching the best comedy... ever. How many times will this woman say the word melancholy... i lost count. Melancholy is one of those words i hate!
My son asked if she was on drugs and got to say she is certainly on something, or at least another planet.
Watch programme 4 and i promise by the end if like me you find humour anywhere this beautiful woman and her cooking will almost make you wet yourself with laughter, or if not leave you in a state of awe at her beautiful self as she prepares food in such a dainty pretty way.
The totally Delicious Miss Dahl has become our fave programme for a good laugh!
Nigella made me laugh all the time as she popped out for strong coffee to soak her biscuits prior to the guests arriving (she must have locked her children under the stairs), but this woman really takes the biscuit, lol


  1. Too bad I cannot look at it cause I'm not in UK. Is she Road Dahl's greatdaughter? I knew he had a grand who was a famous "oversized" beautiful woman. ay be she is the one. I'll try to find her somewhere else BBC is too much jealous of its programs ;o) Hugs Rosanna
    PS your works are MUCH MUCH better than anybody else.Keep going your way. Hugs

  2. Hi Rosanna. I think you can watch her on you tube. Its a shame bbc i player doesnt work for you in Italy.
    I hope you are better, i reqad on your blog you have not been well.
    She is not related to roald dahl (perhaps i am wrong there), but she was a model. She just makes me laugh so much.
    Lots of love to you and hope you are fully better soon.
    Nikki xxx

  3. She is the granddaughter of Roald Dahl, I thought? She has been featured in several interior decorating magazines during the past year and there was also a lengthy article on her visits and fascination with the grandparents house (I think this was in Elle?). If I remember correctly, she was also featured in Vogue. But the photo is a bit small and I have not seen the program so perhaps I am off track!

  4. I must be wrong, but have not looked up anything about her other than spending my time laughing at her cooking programmes.
    By the sounds of it Lize i think you must be right.
    Nikki xxx

  5. It drove me nuts Nikki and I had to turn over. She seemed like she was trying to be Nigella LOL. Give me Hestan Blumenthal (sp) any day LOL

    Debie xxxxxxxxxx

  6. I missed Ms Dahl AGAIN tonight as I was in the bath! lol She is Roald Dahl grand daughter, she's given interviews of stories of him etc. ;o) I will get to see her!

    Oooh I love Heston too, I loved Charlie and Chocolate Factory themed meal! ;o) My Sister, etc., has been to his fab restaurant and had a humongous meal of 27 courses or some similar number! lol

    Michelle xxx

  7. Hi Debbie. I couldnt turn over, i love the torment and torture of such programmes. I always want to switch but cant because i get to spemd half an hour laughing... laughing is good, lol.
    I'd say Jamie Oliver over Heston; he keeps it real!

    Hi Michelle. While he is interesting and some of what he comes up with is out of this world he doesnt half get on my nerves, and then its gets me thinking there are people starving in the world. I think as a nation we have beome food obsessed and in my opinion i consider a lot of it as food snobbery with various programmes. But Jamie i love, he makes easy, nourishing and family food and he just makes sense to me.
    But to have a meal with so many courses must have been fun for your sister and family and his charlie and the chocolate factory was wonderful, although he still got on my nerves somewhat.
    Ooh a nice bath... i must have one too.

    Nikki xxx

  8. Nikki, Miss Dahl, is the grand daughter of Roald. We watched an interview of her talking about the show and about her grand father. xx

  9. Ah well, there we go, lol. I don't know anything about her other than she gets on my nerves and makes me laugh ever so loud, lol.
    You know me, im living in the clouds myself!
    Oh lol.

  10. Hmmm I am not in the UK and can watch and listen to the radio / TV on iplayer...I have radio 2 on all the while...too old for radio 1 now lol.

    My internet is running real slow today though so I can't watch this but I've been reading about here and how she make Nigella look like a nun lol.

  11. Oh I love anything like this,for the same reason I love Nigella, its as if they are on another planet !! somehow cooking just isnt like this in my house. I recently tried to make a cake a la Nigella and unbelievably it multiplied in the oven and became 2 ,both unedible ... Bet even Heston couldnt do that LOL
    and yes, sophie is indeed roalds grand daughter and the inspiration behind the little girl in the BFG :0)
    julie xxx

  12. I am so so so so so so glad I am not the only one who thought this ha ha ha! As Heston would say cock balls (they made great jelly beans I thought though I'll stick to real magic beans).

  13. Lol kat, yes ill stick to my magic beans too.

    Cooking is not anything like this in my house either. Infact i hate the kitchen and judge if i can cook meals by the amount of dishes it makes. Sunday dinners are totally out of the question... too many pots and pans.

  14. Drat the luck...cannot get that station or watch that particular one Nikki...but I did take your suggestion and popped over to watch a few on youtube. Is she a British sensation in the cooking world like we have so many cooking shows in the US? Or just a pretty lady who cooks a bit so they gave her a show? Wish I could have seen the funny one...


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