Tuesday, 13 April 2010

An idea for mini blogging

Quite often i am unsure how to go about creating an effect or surface to a mini, how to fill jars, how to make something like the tiniest of needles look like a needle with a thread through it, how to make clay look like real tiles, and so on and so on.
So i thought i would start a once a week post where people can pop in and out and advise each other on anything they are stuck with.
I'm usnsure if this would be a good idea or not and so will use this post as my tester.
I'll be busy for a few days trying to catch up with minis so this will be my main post for a few days.
My own question is how to make realistic mini sewing needles and so will go and leave this in the comments.
Please do the same with your own questions on something you are totally stuck with and maybe this idea to post once a week will be a good idea where we can all advise if we have the answer. I will pop in and out too if i know an answer and hope this helps us all when we get stuck.

Nikki xxx


  1. I would like to find out how to make a mini sewing needle look realistic. I have tried wire and all i ended up with was something that looked like wire and thread stuck to it and nothing like a needle at all.
    Hope somebody has the answer!

    Nikki xxx

  2. Nikki, I decided to give it a go and see if I could come up with an way to do this. It was not very difficult to do.

    Taking fine wire unroll a bit but don't bother to cut it off the spool just yet. Much easier to handle a big piece than a small piece.

    Flatten the end with a hammer. That will be the eye end so size it accordingly. You can cut off the extra length with wire cutters if you get too large of a flat area. You can make the flat spot narrower with a file or sandpaper if needed. Or you can try again which is what I did.

    Next take a #11 knife or a sharp scalpel and make a slit in the flat spot. The slit should extend right on out to the end of the flat spot creating an open slit. I did this step on top of a piece of sandpaper to keep the wire from sliding around on the table.

    Insert the thread into the slit. Using pliers close up the slit around the thread, pinching the metal together at the top of the needle.

    Cut the wire to the desired overall length and sharpen the point of the wire needle with a file or sandpaper.

  3. This sounds wonderful to me! I sew all the time--couldn't imagine how to make a mini needle. I think Karin has the solution!


  4. I love the idea of the mini blog... me being so new, I am FULL of questions..
    I had an idea for the needle, taking one of the smallest beading needles and cutting it short, then sharpening it, but actually I like Karin's idea better. I think with my idea the eye of the needle would be way out of proportion.

  5. Hi Nikki,
    I love this idea of a mini blog. I would definately contribute answers and probably questions too :0)
    Julia xxx

  6. Its a fabulous idea for a new blog, really great nikki! On the CDHM forum they have a post your question section but I never keep up with it each month and its on the food section so its tied to one subject wheras this would be on all aspects of minis so really helpful! Glad this is a question too as we need mini needles for Lolas Brambley hedge house for the mice to be threading their needles on the apples!! Will give Karins suggestion a go! thanks Nikki! Kate

  7. Hi Karin. Thank you for doing this and later today i'll give this a go too. I didnt think it would be possible but if you have done i and happy then i know it will be great. Thank you so much!

  8. Hi All.
    I was going to do this idea from this blog once a week, but maybe i should delete all the blogs i never use like the music one and start a whole new one dedicated to this.
    I just have to figure out how to delete the music blog and shorten my blog list first.
    If anyone has the answer how i can delete the music one it would be so helpful. I've soent ages trying to find out with no luck.
    Oh i like the idea of threading apples Kate. At KDF there is a stall that sells lovely apples you could use. I would imagine just warming them a little in the oven and threading the needles through would work.
    I love Jains mice too!

  9. Karin's answer and full explanation is far better more than I can suggest. Thanks Karin!!
    Nikky: Today I've been watching your blog more in depth, and not only I can say I admire even more yuor talent and creations, but also discovered some things I really like here in your blog. I do love the music from Morrissey and The Smiths (I went to see Morrissey's show the two times he was here in Argentina!). I alos love celtic music. Strange coming from an argie, but strange I am, LOL! Hugs!!!

  10. Nikki- this is the greatest idea ever! I love this -sometimes it's so helpful to have some advice when you are stuck on a project and I would be so happy if I had an idea that helped someone else out too! I think if you go to settings on your dashboard- under the "basic" tab there is a place where you can delete the blog you don't want anymore? Not sure if that is the same if you have more than one blog or not.

  11. Nikki what about adding buttons to this blog. One can contain your music, another this new blog you are talking about. I'll show you how to add them. xxx

  12. Gosh a fabulous idea and I love it! I will happily contribute and ask questions!

    Michelle xxxx

  13. Me parece una idea genial...aunque yo no domino el ingles, me ayudo con el taductor...y si les puedo ayudar en algo estare muy feliz¡¡¡

  14. I love the idea, I will contribute if I know how to do something.

  15. I am still trying to delete the unwanted music blog and once i can i will start another for this new idea. Glad you all like the idea and will all want to join in.

    Yes, i know there is a lot of music on my blog, i cant stop adding. I love all music so its an ever ending list.
    I too have seen Morrissey at the Roundhouse in Camden last year. I ddnt actually enjoy the concert, one because i drank far too much and made a fool of myself as normal, and two because he didnt sing any of the songs i love.
    I spent the night talking to a complete stranger equally as drunk as myself, and kind of missed the music, lol.
    Some of his songs i really dont like but the ones here i love to bits.

    Lots of love, Nikki xxx

  16. Sounds like a great idea Nikki... always lots of questions out there...and always lots of answers... cool that you wish to marry them.


  17. Hi Nikki, this would be a fab idea for everyone. I am not sure I would be able to contribute very much but would certainly be grateful for all the help. I can always come up with the best places to buy stuff though!

  18. To delete your entire blog, just go to Settings | Basic:
    Settings | Basics

    At this point, make absolutely sure that you are on the right blog and that you want to permanently remove it from your account. Then click Delete This Blog: and confirm by clicking OK
    Delete blog


    * If your blog is on your own server, its files will not be deleted. You can FTP in and delete them manually.

  19. What a fabulous idea Nikki although I'm one of those that would sadly have more questions than answers! I daren't even grunge the walls of my witchy room yet until I have practised more on a piece of wood!


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