Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Hat Making Table - Awards

Lovely Kat the Hat made a hat making table a few week ago which i loved, and it also inspired me to have a go at making one too.
It's not complete yet, but thought i would still share with you.
Many of the little bits dotted here and there are little bits and bobs ive had forever sent to me from Debbie of piskies and Kat. I always know one day weird and wonderful things you would normally not consider suitable for minis eventually come into use.
The little brass charms are from Debbie of tiny treasures and i just need to age them to suit everything else.
Now and again you make something you love and i really love this so far. Its especially nice because almost everything ive used so far has come from friends.
The bats were buttons i've taken the tag of off the back and joined to wire, they are inteneded as hat pins. To hide the bad join i kind of had to papier mache the back where the wire joined, paint black and then i used a mica pigment powder Debie from piskies sent to give them a nice green/blue shimmer and will reflect this colour through the table as i work further on it.
Please ignore the plastic stopper in one of the jars, just forgot to remove it and will do so when i fill with some buttons.
There will be a hat, but because i can't sew one little bit, i've asked my friend Debie from piskies to make some for me that i can dress. She's a whiz with a needle so really looking forward to them arriving. I wont go any further with this table for now until the hats arrive. It's a suprise what they look like and will pick the most suited to this table, dress and then use some of the dressings to scater around the table and the jars so it looks like the witch has been working on that particular hat. Thank you Debie for making them for me!

In my furniture stash i have another trunk and maybe i'll do something similar in that.

Thank you to everyone that has given awards to me in the last few days; its much appreciated! Will do my best in the next few days to give them to other bloggers.

Nikki xxx


  1. Its looking good Nikki. Get back to work there's loads to do..LOL xxxx

  2. I love it! Ever since I took Joanna to see Alice In Wonderland during her spring break, I've wanted to make the Mad Hatter's hat! I love all the bits and bobbles.


  3. Its looking good so far Nikki, I have been housebound for two days waiting for our Jacks bed to arrive so I will post your hats out to you tomorrow. I have said it before your mini's are wonderful.
    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Que preciosidad de mesa y los detalles son una maravilla!!!
    besitos ascension

  5. Looking great! Hope to see it done soon!:)

  6. Just love it! Every tiny bit, and the scissor is fab...Your work reminds me that I have a similar project...only it´s a corset making table for my loft room...

  7. Ooooo... Lovely little table and accessories!

  8. Wonderful work as always! Great colours and lots fo it!!!! ;o))

    Michelle xxxx

  9. Its so cool! How do you make the tiny cotton reels Nikki? Lola is doing a Brambley hedge nouse house and I want to make cotton reels for the mice's sewing basket! Cant wait to see Debie's hats too. thankyou! Kate xx

  10. The little cotton reels i bought at a show but they were on a long strip all joined together. I don't know what it was but will have a look at the fdf site and find the lady that sells them and let you know.
    I'll bring one of the bits to kdf and give it to you so the lady on the stall will point you in the right direction.

    Glad you all like the table so far. It took me ages to fathom out how to lay everything out but happy with it so far.

  11. wow Nikki- it looks fab!!! I am in LOVE with this table and it's not even finished yet! I can't wait to see it with Debie's wonderful hats on it!

  12. Thanks again Nikki! Looks great, can see why you love it so already, Lola loves it too, she has good taste! Kate xx

  13. Nikki, is wonderful! I love everythng but the bats pins are too cute!! Go back to serious work now ;o)) Rosanna

  14. Wonderfulllllllllll!!!! eu amo seus trabalhos,muita criatividade ...bjs

  15. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow I love it Nikki looking good. I have some more items you can use for it I'll post them to you early next week. xxxxxxxx


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