Sunday, 25 April 2010

New Question And Answer Blog!

Here is the link to the blog idea i had last week.
Each week i will cover a different topic. Suggestiosn for topics to cover are welcome. Please leave them in the comments post on the new blog.

Still having a little break from this blog!


  1. Its a fab idea , really helpful Nikki, a great start already. OMG have just seen your WIP pics, and I see your not content on making 1 hat making table but 4 and wow do they look amazing!!! Wish they would pop up bigger to have a good look but hope to see them at KDF in the flesh if they havnt gone by the time I get there!! Kate XXX

  2. Kate, they are on facebook if you want to nose closer. Ive made 4 of the smaller tables now.
    Will update pics there when i can.

  3. Wow Nikki! You are always amazing! I love the hat making tables!

    I have an award for you on my blog, feel free to come and get it!
    Take care

  4. Just checked them out on facebook, great tables and wonderful hats ,so very colourful thats what i love! Debies's creations? Like the new haircut too and the glasses, you look extremly studious Nikki!! Kate xx

  5. Love the tables Nikki, I am coming too on friday to mert up with Kate and to visit you on your first day wish you well etc xxxxxxxx

  6. Great idea Nikki don't you have enough to do already lol :-)I'll pop over for a mooch.


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