Sunday, 28 March 2010


Just a few pumpkins i managed to almost complete this week. They need their eyes and a tiny bit of paint, the leaves crumpled and a little more paint again.

Plus some half complete scrolls, and the complete hanging gourds which have little hooks to match on the back.

Hoping this week i can work 6 hours each day and really move on with getting lots done in time for May.

Heres some book covers i still need to work on. This is a really bad photo, but when comeplete they should look like leather.

I'd like to make more books like this but can't come up with any ideas for what to put on the front. My mind has gone blank with them. Ideas are really welcome! Its good to know what people want.

I'm also looking for ideas for my pic and mix tray. I'd like to put little things in bags say 10 of each so people can use them scattered around witch and wizard rooms. I have ideas like all kind of dragon horns, unicorn horns, various eggs, roots, bones, Dragon Hide, and some other bits. I'm really stuck with this again and your ideas are really welcome.


  1. It is amazing how you are working. Great job Nikki, I love the scrolls, look really ols.
    As always your pumpinks make me smile, they are so cute.
    This lasts weeks I do not have time to work with minis..I can not wait to have time again!!!!
    Un beso and good Easter!

  2. Amazing work. The pumpkins seem to have life in them. It's just wonderful!

  3. Hi Eva. Mwah back to you, lol.
    Hope you get some time for your minis soon, its horrid when real life takes over.
    Nikki xxx

  4. Thank you Carolyn. Glad you like them. I think they are very childlike and will have to make some more adult evil versions too.
    Nikki xxx

  5. Nikki those are the best pumpkins you have made and you know I am bit on the dark side, I love them without the eyes.
    The pumpkin bird houses are fab also. Your books are great too I love the purple one. Great scrolls, well its all great, I am so loving the minis you are making. Its all good gravy.
    Debie xxxx

  6. Nikki they are amazing! I love the book covers as they are, the spiderwebs, the faces , all great and I think they are detailed enough . How on earth do you do those faces!! I spy more dragon skin hats in the background too, goodie! I so hope to at last get some of your pumpkins this time. The pic and mix bag is a cool idea. Maybe do that with the books, a few books, a hat, some mushrooms etc in bags. These will really sell I think! You seem to be flying along nicely now, its hard isnt it making for 3 days, can see why a 2 or 1 day fair is better really, especially for your first, but think youll be a HUGE hit! Cant wait to meet you, coming on Friday I think,. Lola and I will always give you a hand on the stall if you need a coffee break....just dont expect to come back to anything on your stall though, Ill have bought the lot!!!! John has just got himself a little classic car project so hes promised me some pcket money for the show, dont think he realises quite how much ill need though!! Kate and John xxx

  7. I love your books! Ideas that you may like: how about a skeleton hand, bat, insignia or monogram, long claw marks, twisted tree branches like the Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas look, check out the scary jack-o-lantern faces from Martha Stewart.

  8. Oh my gosh! The little scrolls, and the books... wonderful! - Deb

  9. Nikki just had a thought, you know you said you had lots of watch oarts etc but wernt going to be making wizard things with them because of breakage in postage? How about putting some gears etc on the bookcovers? Looks wizardy! Kate xx

  10. These mini's ARE fantastic...I LOVE the gourds, the scrolls, the books and the pumpkins too! I'm in a agreement with Debie, I like the idea of no eyes too, especially on the ones who look a little devilish! lol As a compromise, you could add eyes to the smiling ones, and leave the others eyeless.

    Hmm books...I've added a spider on the front of books, locks, a leather string with a key attached, some have metal studs in the corners (and aged). I have seen some great jewellery (aged metal) pieces and very inexpensive, I will send you the link so you can get some ideas. I am going to buy some for my books and also to hang on potion bottles.

    Michelle xxx

  11. Those scrolls look soooo sharp. I like the look of the dragon and bat and the aged appearance you've given them.

  12. Nikki you make the cutest things! I sure love your style. No matter what you make. The pumpkins and scrolls are simply awesome!

  13. Nikki, I wish, wish, wish I could go to the show and buy some of your wonderful things! I love the idea of the bags of small things to scatter through-out their wizard rooms.... The books are great! As far as ideas for the front cover...snakes, roots, plants, dragons, fierce looking teeth (like looking into the mouth of a dragon) a bunch of eyes, ummm that's all I have for now. Just a thought.
    wishing you a sucessful show!


  14. You did it again, those books, scrolls and pumpkin's look wonderfull. The books you make are pretty cool, they look stunning.

    Some ideas:
    - a hand coming out of the bookcover.
    (maybe in tree)
    - a book covered in green mud or slime.
    (so it looks like someone spilled it on the book)
    - dragonfootprint or another magical animal footprint.
    - bodyparts, finger, eye, ear, toe nails, eyelashes. (you get the picture, I hope)

    That's my ideas for now. I'll pop over when new one's are coming up!

    Have a nice day!



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