Saturday, 27 March 2010

Mandrake Table Without The Mandrakes... lol

Thank you everyone for emailing to check i'm ok. I'm ok and really haven't vanished, lol.
Just been busy going to the dentist every day this week. It's an hour there, and hour in the chair, an hour back and then by 2pm the kids are home from school (daft school hours i know). Then its dinner, another round of washing and ironing, housework etc and finally by the evening i've been fitting a few hours of mini work in. Just not had time for the computer.
My teeth are almost complete and have a four week gap now while my gum at the side heals where i had the tooth removed. Kind of ran out of cash too but determined to get the gap filled ASAP, so have it scheduled for end of April.
I'm now not in the slightest scared of the dentist, i jump into the chair these days like a pro, lol! Mind you the removal i had to brace myself for, it wasn't in the least nice but at least i have that behind me now.

Thought i would share some new mandrake tables i'm in the middle of making. For ages ive wanted to make and create messy tables. Being a neat freak it's hard to make the mess and i tend to put tables together like im on a military operation. But really, i'm going to make these my messiest yet. Once the pots are filled with the mandrakes i'll get to work on making even more mess... promise!
Ive also worked in a completely different way and as yet dont even have the mandrakes.
If you remember i started some witch food tables a few weeks ago. I try so hard to create food and food scenes, and after much debate in my mad head decided it just wasn't happening and did this to them instead. I do have a few more tables like this i will keep trying the food out on but not making any promises.

While searching the other day i found this fantastic drawing of mandrakes taken from a the book ‘The Poison Diaries’. Its a fantastic book with the most amazing sketches!
In particular i was drawn to this one.
Think i'm going to have to buy this book too... love all the images!

The way the mandrake at the front is yawning with his eyes half open really captivated me and would somehow like to recreate this in my own style. The way he is stretched almost in a screaming pose is what i would like for these tables.
The leaves are amazing and would like to have a go at making my mandrakes leaves in various sizes and wispy like this.
Not going to copy it but instead use as my inspiration for improving on my sculpting.

Heres another image from the same book. I think this or something similar would be amazing in miniature!

This one is fantastic! I love the way the fatter one at the bottom is grumpy with her hands on her hips and the handbag on her arm, and the tall one looks mischievous and makes me wonder what he'll get upto next... amazing!

Click here for more images and info about this book and the artist.


  1. These ARE fantstic! I love the little mouse in the pot underneath and the pile of old newspapers! lol Wonderful..and I'm swooning! ;o)

    Will awit the text to go with the photo's! lol

    Michelle xxx

  2. Ooooooooooooo Nikki I agree with Michelle. I am so loving these. You and your coffee LOL

    Debie xxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Nikki
    You are brave now then!
    I don't think I could do the dentist every week!! Still you will have it all done soon then back to those minis of should I say puter lol
    As usual you have done a wonderful job of those tables you have clever fingers and fantastic fantasy ideas for your minis!
    Glad your OK!

  4. Oh, I do so dislike the dentist! In fact, the girl worked on my teeth forever the last time and I finally had to tell her Joanna had piano across town. She told me to make an appointment to come back and see the dentist--that was about six mnonths ago.

    I love the mandrake tables even without the mandrakes.


  5. Arh text! I noticed you were quiet, but I guessed that you had been feeling a bit rough after the tooth removal AND been snowed under with work and other stuff. ;o) Great to see you ARE okay though. :o))

    I LOVE these prints, they would look great on a wall too! If your mandrake's look anything like these little darlings, then you would have created some truly mini works of art.

    Hmmm... will you be making any loose mandrakes, I am in need of a few and erm would love to see some for sale. ;o))

    Michelle xxxx

  6. Lol, Michelle. Yes, will be making some in pots for the show. Hope i can make them how i see in my head. Fingers and toes crossed!

    Thank you Debie, Deni and Jody for your nice comments and glad you like my mess so far.
    Its so hard to make mesy mini's.

    At this late hour off to start the mandrakes.

    Nikki xxx

  7. Goody, goody!! lol Everything crossed for you then, AND at this hour too! lol

    I have bought my tickets! ;o))

    Michelle xxx

  8. Nikki,

    I LOVE your tables! I can't wait to see your mandrakes.
    That book is fabulous! I went to look at all the other illustrations and it started me thinking about how you might interpret them in miniature.
    I am happy to hear you're OK and your bout with the dentist is almost over.

  9. Bueno, espero que pase pronto lo del dentista, sus mesas son preciosas, ahora ansío por ver sus mandragoras, los libros muy bonitos.

  10. That is great work! I love the mouse rooting around in the overturned pot.

  11. What amazing prints, If John would allow me id have them all on the walls, they are superb! I have an idea for them too :-) All of them would be great in mini, isnt it funny how we view everything in 1 12th! I watched Harry Potter yesterday on ITV and you watch the whole film in a different way to everyone else lol!
    The table are looking great. I do hope you are going to do the witches cooking table Nikki. I have made a desicion on having a witches house now so I will be wanting lots of goodies, your style is how Im going. Not messy messy witch by good homely witch! ( saying that the mandrake tables are great messy, youve done a good messy job!! lol) Kate and John xxx

  12. Nikki the tables look fabulous, even without the mandrakes. LOL
    Went over and had a look at the link, fantastic images some of the Witches are


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