Monday, 15 March 2010

Love Potion And Cursing!

Yesterday i got to work and completed various potion bottles. Some are still only half way through and need some work, and tomorrow will start a load more.
But today i decided to make some love potions. I designed these tiny little vials and really pleased with how they turned out.
I wanted to fill them with resin but was not sure about colouring it, so decided to fill them with coloured scenic water. They will have tiny corks in the top once complete so will be fully sealed.
Well i have spent 3 hours just filling... wait for it... yes, just nine of them and gave up on the tenth!
I use the microwave to heat and melt scenic water, but then my microwave (a new one) seems to have a mind of its own.
Its going back to the shop asap and asking for a completely differnet one that actually works, and (like magic) turns, and that doesnt make me spend the entire morning.... yes, swearing and cursing and using every horrible word you can imagine. I have even whacked it several times (hurt my hand) and was close to chucking it out the door, lol.
Luckily nobody is in with me today because im like a mad woman that wants revenge.

Anyway, lol, at least nine of them are filled, and i have finally calmed down.

Heres the pics and if i ever look at love potion again lord only knows what will happen!
They need some little tags, a heart label and some pretty string to hang them up.

Tomorrow i'm off to the dentist again for some more torture. Having my front temporary teeth that really are like having stones in my mouth removed. In place of the stones i'm getting my new caps and bridge and some more root canal treatment.
Wish they could do everyhting in one day!


If you normally melt your scenic water in hot water and fancy having a go at using the microwave instead be very careful. It boils and could burn easily.
I put the amount i need in a ceramic pot and keep my eye on it as it melts. If its high up in your lttle ceramic dish it could boil over and spill, so you have to be on the ready with the door release. Use kitchen towel to lift it onto a plate to carry. It really gets hot so be careful!


  1. Doesn't it always seem to work out that way? You have the time and really want to complete something and then stupid things go wrong...grr.

    I have never tried scenic water, though I've heard about it. I remember once trying to melt chocolate in the microwave instaed of over boiling water like my mother taught me. It was a lamantable mess....burned in an instant so it seemed. LOL

    I use a two part product called Envirotex. It is a resin and a hardener. Just mix equal parts together. I've used it for years and I bought pigments especially made for coloring epoxy resins. This product doesn't really have much of an odor (to me at least) and hardens up fairly quickly but long enough to use a hypodermic syringe to fill things with narrow openings.

    What do you use to color the scenic water?

    Anxious to see the new Love Potion bottles...


  2. These are all superb Nikki. I use my microwave like that too. I also use it to dry tea stained paper, leaves, etc etc I very rarely use it for food LOL.

    You have got some fabulous stuff there.

    Debie xxxxxx

  3. Te han quedado perfectas, cuando le pongas el tapon y la cuerda, van a parecer reales.
    Yo para hacer agua, utilizo Gel-Wachs y se calienta al baño maria, es facil de manejar y a mi me gustan los resultados.
    besitos ascenion

  4. Ooooh Nikki the little Love Potion Vials look wonderful.They have turned out really well. Can't wait to see them finished. I can just imagine you cursing the Microwave.LOL xxxx

  5. Oooops forgot to say Good Luck for the Dentist tomorrow. XXXX

  6. I love the heart shape!! Funny post...LOL...
    Good luck for the dentist!!

  7. Beautiful bottles and labels! Pity the scenic water isn't in my country yet! Good luck for the dentist!

  8. I'm in love with your love potions!! ;-)

  9. I love the Love Potion bottles, what a fantastic shape! Fab! :o)) Wonderful selection of potions etc too!

    So I'm assuming you don't usually use Scenic Water, so do you normally use liquid Fimo? I'm soooo nosey! lol

    Lots of good luck and wishes for the Dentist tomorrow! :o))
    Michelle xxx

  10. Nikki you always have the most wonderful handblown jars! Brave woman you are trying to fill those little things.

    Good luck with the dentist! OUCH!


  11. They look fab Nicky worth all the swearing!!! ha ha!

  12. wow love the love potion bottles...

    Hope the visit with the dentist went well.....

  13. I absolutely love these Love potion bottles, do you teach how to do them or do you sell them individually. I would love some. xxx


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