Thursday, 11 March 2010

Dragon Table and Hats - Debie on etsy.

Here's the Dragon table almost complete. I've spent hours upon hours making this. Trashed my room in the process due to using i reckon almost every tool, paint, clay, etc.
I need to work on the book because it looks a bit boring, and fill a couple more jars. I'd like to make a dragon embryo for the biggest jar, so will give that a go.
On the table there are, bones, wing bones, blood, eyes, umbilical cord, claws, horns, ground bones, heart strings, eggs, hide and the skull for the dragon parts.
For the dragon hide i tried using some real snake skin donated by Debbie of Piskies and Poppets, but just couldnt get it to look right so ended up making the hide from clay.
I used a faux snakeskin book to achieve the scale texture. The book i used is a blank book available in whsmith which i use for my ideas and drawing, and always loved the surface. Its now beome my texture sheet too, lol.

The fly argaric hat stand is almost complete. I keep wandering off as usual to other minis but here it is so far. I need to add more lttle items to the bag, add a hanging wand and other little bits i can think of.
While making the hat stand couldnt resist making a book stand to match.

My lovely good friend Debie from Put some beautiful new witchy minis on etsy last night.
Heres a selecetion of whats a available.
These are available in Debies etsy shop -

The mandrake scene includes a lttle trolls finger to subdue screaming mandrakes... brilliant!


  1. Nikki your table is coming together beautifully. I'm totally in Love with the Hat and Book stands, brilliant..
    Debie's new Witches are fab. The Table has already gone...

  2. You are amazing I realise how much work there are in the little things you make
    I really enjoy looking at all the goodies, very interesting!!!!!Great job!

  3. Oh I see you've liked my idea with the bookstands.I'm very pleased that I have inspired you.Karin

  4. They are all lovely, Nikki. I love the hats, I want a witchy cottage now to put one in :0)
    Debie's minis are fab too, I missed the table, it had gone!
    Julia x

  5. Super dragon table Nikki! This is coming together so nicely. I like the sturdy table you've used for it. Did you make or buy? I'm in the market for a sturdy table or desk for my archeologist.

    The hat stands are most complimentary to the witch hats....I think combining the hat with it's interesting little stand is brilliant.


  6. Fantastic dragon table!I love every detail of it! Great job Nikki!

  7. Amazing work! I am in awe of you both! What fantastic creations! One day I am going to try this--so don't laugh at my pitiful attempts when I do!


  8. Nikki just when I think your minis are the best they can be you take your artistic talents up another couple of levels. I love that dragon table to bits and those book and hat stands are wonderful too. Thank you so much for mentioning my goodies. People are going to be blown away by your minis at KDF I am so happy for you. You have been working so hard and its going to pay off big time.

    I am waiting with baited breath to see what you come up with next.


    Debie xxxxxx

  9. Spectacular all, but I loved the fly arabic hat. Congratulations. Best Wishes

  10. This is all so wonderful... and such detail! I think the dragon skull is my favorite! - Deb

  11. The table is looking fab but our fav has to be the middle hat stand and the mushroom book on the stand, they are just wonderful. So colourful. I have a new witch house coming to fill up yipee so REALLY hope to get to the fair and I will be running to your stall first to buy some goodies :-) Kate, John xx

  12. Absolutely fabulous Nikki, my favourite is the book stand, i just love it !
    Your work is outstanding :0)
    Love debies new dolls too , such sweet faces :0)
    julie xxx

  13. OMG I love your new hats on stands! They are fab! You are so clever and an inspiration :-)xxxx

  14. Fabulous work!! Love the dragon table, much much more than the botanical ones. I am not into plants, but I LOVE dragons!

  15. The table is fantastic as are the little stands!! Wonderful and I am swooning over your work as always! I love Debie's table too, so wonderfully aged and dirtied! :o))

    So sorry I am late or have missed posts, I have a rotten cold so not been online etc.

    Michelle xxx

  16. Oh! I had missed this post...I love the dragon's brilliant. And your wonderful hats look beautiful in their stand ;)

  17. OMG! WOW Nikki !!! I absolutely LOVE your argaric hats and the book stand, they are the nicest minis I have seem in an eon! not just saying it, but whatever you are planning on charging for them, double the figure immediately and you'd still sell them 10 times over!!!:o)

  18. brilliant, what more can be said. Your work is stunning and the attention to detail is perfection.

  19. those stands with hats and books turned out lovely...


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