Friday, 5 March 2010

Fly Argaric Hats - You Yube Printing On Material

Last night i decided to try and make hats with polymer clay, and decided on fly argaric.
Need to tidy these up a little and add more dots around the rim.
I'm making some branch/twig style hat stands for these, with little twigs running off, and will hang some fly argaric potion bottles on them, and dress the bottom of each with tiny mushrooms. Debbie from Tiny Treasures husband Mick gave me the idea.
I don't think i could get away with using polymer for other hats, but for these it seems to be working ok.

Just before Christmas i printed some images on material through my printer. I'd seen material available on ebay for this purpose but it was so expensive and thought i'd try making my own.
The video on this blog reminded me of it and thought i would share with you.
Here's the You Tube video tutorial
This lady has used spray mount which is perfect for pulling the paper off the material once the printing is complete.
When i did my own printing i didnt have any sray mount. So instead i used pva. Instead of the regular printer paper i used some plastic backed A4 paper. I did this because i knew using pva and normal paper would cause problems when pulling the material off.

I would suggest the spray mount rather than the way i did it because it wont put a film type back on the back of the material and will result in better printing.
I can never wait and always try to find a way without the right tools, lol.

Its fantastic to be able to print material for miniatures!


  1. So original Nikki! Do they come off the stands, are they like real hats or just moulded onto the stands ? Would be great in the window display of the witches hat shop! Love the idea and sound of the hat stands too, good luck with making them, cant wait to see. Kate and John xx

  2. Wow just watched the You tube video, that so clever! I could now make quilts for Snows house if I can find a nice quilt style pattern!Not sure what else id do with it , what will you make Nikki? Never made pillows before suppose I could try that, and I have spray mount that came with my brick stencil. Didnt work for that so maybe I can use it for this instead!! Lets just hope my new printer dosnt eat up the paper and chew it up like it has a habit of doing with card lol xx

  3. The hats are so cute, Nikki! Love your work.
    I hope you survived the dentist. I have to tell you, that you can´t feel a thing when they pull a tooth out, and that the wound will heal in less than a day. I tried it recently with a xxxtooth, (don´t know what its called in english, you know the teeth you get, when you are grown up (about 18))

  4. I love your little hats! They are so sweet! Really great job and funny idea!

  5. Your little hats are fantastic and I love the colours and detailing around the bottom! :o)) I love the idea of the twig hat stands too!

    Fabulous idea on the home made fabric paper and great for some mini projects! I have to confess though, I’m sticking to being lazy on this one, and will buy my fabric paper. The reason being is that the bought fabric paper has a fabric sealant already in it (the type I have and seen) and thus the pattern/image won’t run if it got wet or is washed and I think this is why it can be a little expensive. :o))

    Michelle xxx

  6. LOVE these hats NIkki they work really well. I cant wait to see your other ideas come into fruition. I like the printing on fabric ideas too thank you for the links.

    Debie xxxxxx

  7. ooooohhhhhh great!
    x Marja

  8. Love the hats Nikki. Great idea Mick :-)

    I never had much luck with the printable fabric I tried and it was the real stuff :-( Maybe this DIY method will work better lol.

  9. LOL Mick will be as pleased as punch to get a mention. The Little Hats look lovely Nikki, love how you've painted them. Really looking forward to seeing the stands.. Got another idea for you as well. xxx

  10. Those hats are fabulous! (hats off to Mick..sorry for the awful pun)

    I also saw tht tutorial for printing on fabric. I have always intended to try such a thing and now I will. I currently have a non-mini project that it will work quite nicely with...I hope.

  11. Fantasticos !!!! me encantan.


  12. Beautiful Nikki, I so want one for my own hat shop :-) xxxx


  14. Hi Debbie,
    I just love your site, the hats are just fabulous. You are so talented.

    I have printed fabric using my printer. I use the paper the printer paper is wrapped in. It is heavier than the paper it wraps and the inner side has a sort of waxy sheen to it, that is the side the fabric will be attached too. I lightly draw the outline of a sheet of ordinary printer paper onto the fabric (wromg side & cotton is best)run a bead of fray check on the pencil line and smear it along the line. Let it dry, only take a few minutes. Then iron the fabric onto the heavier paper, carfully cut the paper on the lines I drew. Make sure NO Threads are strictking out at all or it will jam your printer. Load it and your ready to print. I seal the printed fabric with a spray sealer. Its so easy.


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