Thursday, 4 March 2010

Paper Mini's - The Dentist.

Today i went for my first hour long session at the dentist. I kind of thought i was having the tooth removed today and so was absolutely petrified (have been for days). Spent part of the morning crying as i got ready to go. Then the first ten mins once i got to the dentist i cried again and went throught numerous tissues. I also had the dentist, the receptionist and another lady that does therapy basically relaxing me, making me take deep breaths and trying to relax me. They also worked on pressure points that are meant to relax a person... dont know if thats true.
Anyway, turns out it wasnt the day for the tooth removal and have all that fear and dreading to look forward to again next week.
Today i had root canal treatment and a temporary filling on a back tooth... thats it and didnt feel a thing. I didn't even feel the needle. So root canal treatment really isnt so bad if anyone needs this done... just have to be brave! Also for a temporary filling i dont have any of the normal horrible taste associated with them and couldnt be happier about that.
Tomorrow i'm having root canal treatment on some front teeth, preparation for two caps and a bridge, an impression of my mouth, a filling and the temporary caps and bridge put in. Really pleased its just that and not the tooth being pulled.
Next week i have more root canal treatment alongside the removal, some fillings at the back and more cap and bridge prep work. I think all of March will be spent at the dentist.
Maybe all the treatment before the removal planned for next next week will put me more at ease so i dont spend all my time crying and fearing the worst. And its not as if i have not had a tooth removed before so shouldnt really be so frightened.
I dont want to be sedated for a removal because i dont think its too good to be constantly sedated for just one tooth. Last time i was sedated it was horrid being sick almost instantly once i came round and feeling rubbish for a week. But it needs to come out so the gum can settle, and this autumn/fall have a bridge there. Its at the side and a little back so not worried about the gap while it heals.
Also don't feel ill like i nornally do afterwards and putting it down to better and more expensive local anaesthetic.

Here's a tray of mostly paper items i'm working on for the rest of the day. The set with the skulls needs bones and other human body relates items. The set with the dragon egg needs claws, bones, blood and hide etc. The unicorn books need the horn and other small paper items. The mushroom crates and prep boards need soil and assembling etc.
Im trying to out together lots of small items that dont cost me a lot to put togeteher and wont cost much to buy either. Ideas are always welcome for small items!!!


  1. Love it all, especially the skull boards, are they for Etsy or the fair Nikki?
    Did you get the mag I sent you by the way, sent it first class on Monday so should be with you now? Books look great will show you my version soon, waiting to get in the workshop to get my leather, its too cold at the moment to go in there searching! Kate xx

  2. Oh Nikki Poor you I knew how much you was dreading the Dentist, but think positive your have a lovely set of Pearly Whites by the time they've finished.
    I'm just off out to the Hospital for my appt with the Cardiologist. Will speak later.
    Love the Books and the new Boards. Your building up your stock nicely. Told you, you could do it..xxxxxx

  3. Hey Nikki....I know EXACTLY what you mean baout the dentist and all these procedures. However, not too long ago I cracked a of the molars but not too far back. THe dentist didn;t not think he could save it because the crack went to the root so he set me up with an oral surgeon for removal.

    I was extremely nervous about it but was assured this guy was a pro....and he absolutely was. He removed it easily WITHOUT general sedation. Just a quick injection of Novacain to deaden the lower jaw (and only on the side where the tooth was, not the whole thing) and I didn't feel that injection at all! Within moments that tooth was out.

    If you can undergo root canal with just local anesthesia, I don't see why they cannot remove that tooth using the same. General sedation seems like overkill. If you were having all 4 wisdom teeth removed I'd say, yes, that is the only way to go but for one tooth it seems too much.

    Your things are looking great, btw. These are for the fair, yes? Love 'em! Wht done you add afew "broken bones" to your skull boards?


  4. Hopefully they will just give you a local.. Thats what I got the last time I had a tooth pulled. Its not as bad as it sounds really. Don't worry... just think of minis and maybe you can get some old dentist tools while you are there to work on minis. My dentist gave me some old dental tools when I was having a lot of dental work done. Think of it as a way to aquire more miniature tools..
    mini hugs,

  5. P.S Der, meant to say good luck with the dentist, makes me shudder just to think of it, poor you! Hope its not as traumatic next time! xxxxxxxxxx

  6. LOVE your paper goods, Nikki!

    I've had root canals, cavities all done with just the novacaine but as you know I recently had a root canal and for the initial procedure I opted for the twilight sedative and when I had all four wisdom teeth pulled I had them put me out, that was over 30 years ago though.

    Everyone is different. You have to do what is best for you. You can make yourself sick with worry too.

    I'm thinking of you!! It'll all be over soon and then a distant memory!!


  7. After it's all said and done, sounds like you're being very brave after all for the Dentist. Be sure to take some Bach "Rescue Remedy" (at your local health food store)as it helps with the emotional stress. And because it's a flower essence, it doesn't interact with anything, so is a lovely addition to your "bravery" box. :-)
    All of your mini books are super!
    Take Care,

  8. Thank you everyone, makes me feel loads better about all the crying i did, lol.
    I like the idea of the dentists tools. I shall have a look around her room for mini potential too. Dentists and hospitals are ripe with mini potential, sometiems you have to hold back with asking for the strangest of items.
    I will have a look into Rescue Remedy. I am sure it will help on the day before the tooth is finally pulled.

    Nikki xxx

  9. Most peeps fear the Dentist more than seeing a Doctor, what a crazy lot we are. lol I HATE the Dentist too. I've only ever heard horror stories about root canel work, so pleased that you are not finding it too bad! :o)

    The new mini's are just wonderful! Hopefully after KDF some might be available on Etsy? :o))

    Hugs of comfort {{{Nikki}}}
    Michelle xxx

  10. Dentist is not one of my favourite visits too have to be brave and relaxed. Think in minis while you are there or in something that you love...I know so easy to say and so difficult to do...
    Good work with those new minis!!

  11. I have the worst teeth you can imagine. I spend alot of time at the dentist so have become accustomed. I am so sorry that it frightens you so much. I think you are brave to go through with it at all. I know people that haven't gone for years they are so afraid. Be proud of yourself!


  12. Hi Nikki, think that the dentist is someone we all abhorre! It always make me think of that old movie "the marathonete" ( I hope it's the right title in original).But you have to have local sedation, it's easier , has no drawbacks and you will not feel anything. Anyway I cannot shudder if I think of it. Be brave and we shall all think of you. Mini hugs Rosanna

  13. I'm a huge fan of your work. Everything that you make is so beautiful and inspiring :)

    P.S I hate going to the dentist too

  14. Nikki I really feel for you with regards to your teeth. I have problems with my gums and thats bad enough. I have a feeling that your new dentist is going to make things as easy for you as she can.

    Your new minis are absolutely blooming brilliant. I LOVE them all and they will go down really well at KDF.

    Your a talented clever bunny.

    Debie xxxxx

  15. Nikki bless you ...I know what it is like to cry before and during the dentist ((((()))))

    I am glad it wasn't as bad as you feared...I should take your lead and pull up my big girl panties :-)

    My dentist in England was like yours...spent ages relaxing me is so hard to find a dentist who understands and I am glad you have a good one.

    I don't have an anesthetic just some medicine. I remain fully conscious ... apparently. And I say apparently as what this drug does is stop you knowing what is going on and you don't remember a single thing after. But you are only like this while they do the work then back to normal afterward.

    Good luck with the rest of the'll be fine xxx

  16. You are most brave I hate dentists too bless you. I love the new boards with your skulls on them. You are an inspiration to us all keep up the fantastic work. xxxxx

  17. I have always hated going to the dentist. It shoots my nerves into tomorrow and then some! When I had my son way back when... I was so malnourished my teeth all loosened! A dentist sent me to a specialist who was determined to save my teeth. I was so broke, and the cost... but he did it reasonably. He taught me how to brush properly and told me to floss after every meal. With lots of Vitamin C, Calcium and following his direction, all my gums and teeth came back. I have always done the same since. Calcium with magnesium, Vitamin D, and C everyday is a must for women. Hope all goes well!


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