Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Some work in progress!

Some work still to be finished but thought i would share. This cabinet is based around animal parts. I still have lots to add and trying to think up interesting things to hang from the little pegs inside the cabinet and on the sides.
The mushrooms boards i love and have used the little wooden discs that Eva sent and the acorn caps as bowls and a mushroom pot.
Will post pics in the next few days when complete.
Lovely wrestling cups too, lol.


  1. Looking great, I love your animal head :0) How about hanging some leather rope on one of the side pegs? Your mushroom boards are lovely too.
    Julia xx

  2. Clever, clever, always! Did you make the dragon's skull? Did you say you had something to use as a snakeskin to hang?

    What ever happened to that chicken skin thing you had once? Did you sell it? You have some red "Phoenix" feathers...


  3. ..Great details, Nikki, and such fine little glas-jars, love it all!

  4. Lovely eye candy as always!!! love the toadstool boards, and the glass tubes are great!! looking forward to seeing it when it's all 'muckied up' and finished :o)

  5. Loving the mushroom boards, especially the one on the wood slice, I love those wood slices! Book is fab! Love to see your new work Nikki, Kate and John xx

  6. Looks wonderful Nikki. Can't wait to see it finished. xxx

  7. Fabulous work, I love the books, bottles, skull....everything!! ;o) So very different and a little 'dark arts' edge to it too! Things to hand from the pegs.....a bundle of feathers, handing bottle (terracotta look?) on a leather strap, big stirring spoon (for the potion's), knife.

    Michelle xxxx

  8. Oops...typos! Should be 'hang' and 'hanging! lol
    Michelle xx

  9. Looks already great! Can't wait to see it completed!

  10. Fab work nikki although I was somewhat distracted by the hunky mugs LOL my lads have just about outgrown their wrestling phase at 19 and 21 !!
    ths mushroom boards are just the sweetest things, I am looking forward to coming to peek at your table at kensington :0)
    julie xxx

  11. I am happy that you can use the wooden slices and the acorn caps (I can send you more if you want). I love the book...and I can wait to see it finished!

  12. Looks already wunderful !! I love your work. I'm looking forward to the final result!! :-).


  13. lovely!
    things to hang, mmm little keys or hanging bottles of faerie dust? Broomstick on the side? or witch hat?

    Love, Andrea

  14. Ooooh, Nikki, it looks fantastic!
    LOVE those little mushroom boards!

  15. Thanks you everyone and glad you like the cabinet so far.
    Talking of fairs Julie, im really starting to panic about how little i've made. Maybe once a decade for me, lol to do shows. I am still only filling my first box and want to have four by May. Hope i reach my raget.

  16. Ooops... Meant Target... Me and my typos, lol.


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