Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Gifts from Kat, Doreen and Bob!

Today to my total surprise a gift arrived from Doreen and Bob. I love getting a parcel when i don't know whats inside and loved opening this one. When you love minis opening such a box is like being a child on Christmas morning.
Inside there were some terracotta pots Doreen bought for me at a recent show. Really pleased with them and the large pots are perfect for some large bush pots i had planned.
Inside Bob has given me all the wonderful buckets, trays, jelly moulds, half barrels, kettles, and bed trays. I can really make good use of everything and love the little potato buckets which really don't need much doing to them to make a bit witchy.
All the silver pots and kettles i can paint and make witchy and so pleased because i can scatter them throughout lots of planned work.
Thank you to both of you for thinking of me and the lovely suprise parcel.
This is bobs site: On the site theres a wide variety of minis such as enamelware, tables, copper and brass ware, food, meats, game and fish, and lots of food prep scenes like boards and tables.
Here's and example:

Here's Doreen's site:
Doreen stocks just about all kinds of miniatures. Here's a beautiful example.

Thank you so much to both of you!

Lovely Kat from sent me a parcel of goodies which arrived a few days ago. I love Kats parcels because somehow yet again and always she puts things in i really need. She has sent some cute little sacks i can use for a planned markets stall, a leaf cane thats beautiful, lots of plants i can use in just about everything. Some leather for making mini books, a skeleton with the best skull ever that has a fracture on the back, some beads, fab glass jars (i love glass), some scatter soil (needed that so much), and some beautiful tiny tiny feathers.
In the parcel there were two witches hats in a larger scale i'm going to use as props for my fair table. Cant wait to dress them up.
Kat also sent 4 fab Horby ready made trees i can turn into bushes and use in the plant pots from Doreen. I love the train section in Hobbycraft but have never seen these before... they look real!
Thank you so much Kat. You are always really kind with your fun parcels! I really appreciate everything too!

Heres some examples of Kats Hats. You can findher ebay link above through her blog.

Above are some past hats i managed to win!


  1. What a wonderful gift, Nikki! Love those little buckets and trays :) And thank you for the links; I am going to peruse Bob's work, it looks awesome...

  2. What wonderful pressie's, fabulous surprise for you!! Bob, Doreen and Debbie are all so terribly kind! ;o)) I bet you can't wait to start making use of them all! ;o)) Both Doreen and Bob sell/make some wonderful mini's I own lots of them, just superb quality. ;o)

    Michelle xxxx

  3. Pressie's from Kat too!!! FAB! Sorry, I missed her! I love her hats...I have a few in my own collection too! ;o))

    Michelle xxx

  4. Nikki is all very beautiful, congratulations. Best wishes.

  5. I am a new follower (ponsxpons), I like your job and fotographi of Alice in Wonderland, very funny. The photo of your profile is Wicked? My sister is a fan of Wicked. Best wishes

  6. Hi Gemma. You can put yourslef in loads of pics at I have to stop doing it because its becoming a habit.
    Nice to meet you too!
    Nikki xxx

  7. Hi Kaleidoskopic. Hope you find lots nice at his site.
    I love my gifts too!
    Nikki xxx

  8. Hi Michelle. Yes, already started on them this evening. The trays for breakfast in bed i'm using as potion making trays. Ive scratched them all up and aged them already... waiting for them to dry to fill. Really love them and would never have thought of that as an idea. Think they will look nice on tables. Will do a few witch in bed breakfast too. Thats if i can manage the food. Im totally rubbish at fod.
    Nikki xxx

  9. Oops... food... me and my typos again!

  10. Great gift because all this stuff will be very useful. Thanks for the web sites, I will have a look around.

  11. Fabulous gifts Nikki, looking forward to seeing what weird and wonderful things you turn them into..xxxx

  12. What wonderful treasures! Golly, I wish people would shower me with wonderful mini's! LOL! What a trove!


  13. Ti ho conosciuta per caso, ma le tue creazioni mi ha ipnotizzato…
    sei bravissima ma realizzi tutti i pezzi tu o compri qualche cosa ciaooo rosa


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