Thursday, 11 February 2010

Searching for Pots - Can You Help?

Recently i've spent too much time searching for nice terracotta ministare flower pots and wondered if you could all help and advice me where to look.
I have a few sources thanks to advice from a few mini people, but all of these bring up the same type of pot which is this one.

While i use them all the time i want a selection of styles and shapes. The type above i can use for flower/plant pots, but i can also change them into cauldrons as showing here. I just use polymer clay and shape onto the surface. I didn't sculpt the skull face, i used sculpey mould maker and took the impression from a 1:12 skull.
Ttook a while to get these right but quite happy with them now.

So i am looking for pots to fill the potting corner and various tables and small scenes. I'd like them in various sizes and shapes and i dont mind if they are not teracotta but can be adapted to look like they are.

Luckily i found these wonderful pots and saucers at Timber Ridge Studios. They are made from porcelain and the scale is spot on. They are also going to be lovely to paint how i choose. I also love these because they are so strong and will not break easily.
The lady also stocks a wide varoety of mini porcelain and ever so happy with the wonderful service she offers.
The plate and fluted bowl are beautiful and planning on using them for a halloween table.
The 3 mixing bowls are beutiful and the perfect scale for using on food prep boards too.

I have looked on ebay and other sites and have bought a few types there but i'm still looking for other styles and sizes.

Hope you can all help with site suggestions or places to buy from other than what i have so far found.

Thank you for all your lovely comments in the previous post about the dentist.
It really was good to hear im not the only one that puts off going until its really needed.
I'm back now after the iniatial check. There's lots to do and got to have just the one tooth removed, plus lots of root canal, bridges, caps and fillings. I would love to have some implants instead of bridges but its just too expensive, so bridges it will have to be.
I'm not scared of the actual chair or the drill and all those horrid tools. I have been known to sleep while in the chair so ok there. But it's after that i feel like rubbish, ever so tired and really down. I don't know why it's like that for me.
Feeling bad after is one of the reasons i have skipped going for far too long.
All my hour long sessions are booked and have been promised my two broken teeth at the front will be nice by May, so will be happy to smile in public again. I'm also happy because she was lovely and spent a lot of time with me going through all my options, which is rare because normally you are rushed through.
I have also discovered why i wasnt getting a good service going private in nhs dentists. Dont know if i can say why here, but from now on not going anywhere near any nhs dentist. Then that annoys me because for people like me with ongoing cosmetic dentistry there is not other option than to pay small fortunes on a continuous basis to private clinics. In all honestly i wish they would tell people such as myself they have no hope there, and to go private rather than like myself to say all is fine and send me packing with a broken back tooth (last time i went). Just really annoys me how the system works!


  1. Hi Nikki,

    I have number of sources for flower pots, I will dig them out for you so you can have a nose yourself, you never know. ;o))

    I only go private, it's a completely different world and service received. The patient is No.1. and you feel cared for, and overall Doctor's have far more time for you. It absolutely ‘shouldn't' be this way, but...

    Michelle xxxx

  2. Nikki, I'll go and have a rummage in the Garage for you tomorrow..xx

  3. Thank you Michelle. Really need a good mix to make everything more interesting.

    Totally agree with your thoughts, but still peeves me, especially for people that have no way of paying and no choice. Don't get me started on how unfair life can be! I know too many people that have rubbish teeth because of this and feel ever so sad and angry about it.
    I think im in a lucky position but cant imagine what i'd do if i wasn't.
    But yes, it's a totall different world and although peeved about the other still not ever going there.

    Amen, lol

  4. Oh dear Debbie. you and your garage rummaging, lol.
    But you need to take care of yourself and rummaging will do you no good.
    Nikki xxx

  5. Nikki...try this site

    I have bought from him at shows and he has really different things in all scales.

    As for NHS dentistry, my father always said, you get what you pay for.... :-)

    I realize that you pay taxes and this is what is supposed to suppport the program but typically what is provided is always less than adequate. Kind of like the government subsidized school lunch program when I was a kid....we all brought our little brown bags from home because the food was drek. Bleh.

  6. Hi Nikki,

    I've dug out these may or may not already have some. I've bought my pots here there and everywhere! lol ;o) Michelle xxxxx

  7. Thank you Susan and Michelle. Will check them all out and also thank you for the time you have spent finding all the links.
    Nikki xxx


    This is my favorite place on Ebay to find unusual items. Flower pots galore!
    Thanks to Michelle, I've found more! :)

  9. hi,
    here is one , hopes this works ;)
    If you something let me know, I can get it for you and mail it to you.

    Love, Andrea

  10. Thank you Kathi and Andrea.

    I'm still checking out all the sites and have seen some at all of them that i would like. Just got to decide now with all the choice.

    The site Susan (tabatha) has shown is wonderful for mossy pots. I want to buy some but unsure of their size. I think the graph is showing as 1 inch per square but not sure.
    Maybe im being extra stupid today, lol and its more obvious than i think!

    Thank you al so far for the link!

  11. I love the porcelain ones, and very reasonable prices too! Id love to have a go with that mould maker Nikki, do you have to order from the US, dont think ive seen it on ebay or Hobbycraft?
    Do you just make things in the mold and then glue it onto the pots? Never used it before but it looks fascinating
    Imm the same, dont mind thew actual chair bit ( apart from the cleaning, I hate when they bounce it off the edge of your teeth!) but I feel rubbish after for ages. They told me Im probably allergic to something they use, maybe in the anaesthetic, maybe your the same. I was actaully sick and felt like i was hungover last time!!

    Kate and John xx

  12. I am not sure if can be useful but here you have
    I think that is not what you want but just in case.
    More links:

    Have a nice friday tomorrow ;)

  13. Hi Kate and John.

    I will look for the link for sculpey mould maker and email all the info back to you tomorrow when i have more time.

    Glad i am not aone with the feeling bad after. It too makes me feel like i have the worst hangover you can thnk of.

    Nikki xxx

  14. Hello Nikki,
    Clive Brooker does the most fantastic mossy pots. They are a bit more expensive than mass produced stuff, but are lovely. They are very fine scale, I used some on Gwendolines mandrake table. this is the link. Jainxx

  15. Hi Eva. Thank you for the links. The rainbow florists sell some good larger pots in packs of ten and going to get some of thsoe too.
    Nikki xxx

  16. Hi Jain. Really beautiful pots and wish i could buy them all up. I love the one with the sun best.
    Lots of other great mini's at that site too.
    Spoiled for choice now.
    Nikki xxx

  17. Maybe you would like these, although they are
    almost the same as the ones you had enough of,
    they have holes in them for the roots to grow
    out of them! I thing they have a potential for
    beeing a little withchy? Pots and Planters&subcat=156&bm=#Plant Pots and Planters

    Eva J

  18. Nikki,

    The link that Jain gave you...a lot of those WONDERFUL to scale pots are also sold on Peeps by Post website (I didn't give the site to you as you know it and it's not cheap)...but a lot cheaper direct (via the maker etc)!
    Michelle xxxx

  19. This addy
    but not sure if they have anything you would need at the moment!

  20. Hi Nikki, I'm sorry to be late,too much to do lately !! I'm glad you found a simpathetic doctor. Dental surgery is awful and every little helps to go through it.In Italy it's the same than in UK. Generally National Health Sistem works good but when it comes to dentists....I cannot understand why. Better, I understand even too much: they can make 10 times the profit working privately and they are sloppy in hospitals. Not fair but true. Hugs Rosanna

  21. I have a craft store near me in US called Hobby Lobby. I buy the tiny wood pots (all sizes) and then paint or decorate them to meet my needs. Might you have a craft store near you? Beads also works sometimes. Hope this helps.

  22. I don't know if this helps or not, but I have about 10 mini pots... most are the wooden "standard" shaped pots... then I have a couple different other "gardening" pots... you're welcome to them if you want them :)

  23. Just found which issue of the mag I wanted... November 2009, Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine.


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