Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Lots To Do And The Dentist!

As you know i start lots of miniatures, have lots of ideas etc, but never quite finish them all. I'm easily distracted, go off on stupid whims never achieving much!
So i have devised a plan! Here's my idea... lay it all out in a neat pile and keep taking from that pile and completing. Once complete put the mini in my completed items box (soon to be boxes... many of them) and keep doing this until that tray is empty.
Then search through all the drawers, shelves and boxes for the next batch of all those items ive started and never completed and fill the tray up again.
Probably sounds the most obvious way to go about finishing evrything but believe me i really struggle to be like i know i should.
There's quite a lot on this tray in my opinion and a few that i can not wait to finish such as the potting corner. Last year when i was short of cash i had to pinch everything from it for a table i needed to sell, and so i'ts back to being an empty shell again. In some ways im glad because i can work on it again with new and better ideas. Plus i have the fab flowers rom Debbie which compliment everything so well.
I'm hoping and don't know if this is realistic, that i can achieve this tray and the few things around it in one week... fingers crossed. Then i can have a little breather and get to the next batch that are hidden away half complete.

Tomorrow i have an initial dentist appointment to discuss all the work i need on my teeth. My front tooth broke a few weeks ago and since then have been very self concious. Then another broke two along from that and quite a few fillings fell out, a few back teeth broke too. I predicted this was going to happen and had kept putting off the dentist because i really dont like to go. I really have the worst teeth and always have ever since i was a child. I only have to smile and something will happen to one of them.
So for the next few weeks i will be sitting on the dentists chairs for numerous sessions and hoping by the end of all the trauma i will have the nicest of smiles again! My lovely husband i have left in charge of making all my appointments. If i do it myself i make excuses not to go and cancel appointments, even just not turn up, so this way he will be on my back and is even taking me to each and every session, lol.
I also have a feeling i'll have to go under to have one of them removed and really dreading that too. I'm not frightened of the actual dentist or the work, but i hate the after feeling and how it leaves me feeling exhausted.
So hopefully in a month, maybe two i will have some lovely bridges, new caps fitted, and all white fillings.
And then a very empty purse i would imagine! But the time has come and it has to be done!
I've really done my homework and found the best cosmetic dentist i can afford. So feel confident it will be good dentistry.
Fingers crossed on this too!


  1. Glad I am not the only one with plenty of unfinished projects and what a good plan to tackle them. As yet, my big plan to clean up my basement has not come to fruition!

    Good luck with the dentist--I'd almost rather go to the 'woman doctor'!

    And I won't gush over your double barrel shotguns thinking you are Mike Rowe! Haha!


  2. Loads there to finish Nikki but you can do it. I've got loads more ideas for you..LOL
    Good luck at the Dentist I know how your teeth have been bothering you. XXX

  3. ugh. I am the same on both accounts- I put off the dentist and I have enough unfinished projects to last me years. I love how you have just put a few on the tray and will finish those before you start a new tray. How simple, but effective- wonder if I could stick to it--why have I never thought of it this way?? Good luck at the dentist--horrible, but it will be so worth it in the end and a healthy mouth equals a healthy body they say. Lots of positive vibes from me coming your way!!!! A hug too ♥

  4. Dear Nikki, I will cross my fingers for you, too.

    I am greatly afraid before I visit the doctor. I was last week at the dentist. I am glad that I must go there in July again.

    Very best wishes,

  5. Gosh, tons of work to do...but what fun too! I can see some wonderous work in the making there! Please start your witch's house again this year! ;o))

    Just ordered my ultra fine mosses (foam type) and grasses and weeds (kits)...the conservatory is getting nearer to completion! ;o)

    'Lots' of good luck for the dentist...I hate them too, but alas if you gotta go, you gotta go! :o)))

    {{{Hug of good luck}}}}
    Michelle xxxx

  6. Thats a great idea Nikki and good luck!Sure you can do it. its horrid when you get bored with something or just have no 'oomph' to get on bbut you have so many wonderful projects there. I always have to blow up your pics bigger to get a good old nose at it all fullsize and those frog boards are just fabulous! Of course my fav is the potting corner too, i love it so. Now I have a display shelf I have no excuse not to go for things like that , which I have no house for but would just look great displayed on their own. maybe one day I can have a go myself! day, she says dreamily!
    As for the dentist. I havnt been for over 8 years since she told me my wisdom teeth would have to come out, so I left in a hurry and never went back. Since then I had one back tooth just fall out in a chunk, and I must need fillings a plenty but I wont go back. Suppose I will when in absolute agony! Fillings make me go wierd, cant drive or anything, go so spaced out. Good luck with that too, its the expense that makes me cringe!!Kate and John xxx

  7. that is a lot of lovely stuff.

    Mostly I check everything unfinished a least once a year, if I still want to finish it, if it is still appealing to me. Otherwise it just goes...

    then I just start of with the flow on new things, because I just cant stop it anyway and when I get stuck to those, I take an older unfinished piece and go further on that one....

    Sometimes I have a flow on just sculpting other times on painting and then suddenly I can finish some pieces almost at once..

    But I'm drifting here ;)

    Hope it will work out for you and the same goes for the dentist..

    I'm very curious how you will finish these pieces...

    love, Andrea

  8. A great plan nikki anbd it will work,I know becauseI do this with my dollls....stand them all in a row and they all look at me making me feel so guilty ~I just have to finsh them off LOL
    Feel for you with the dentist, why is it they reduce us to quivering wrecks ! I actualy shake when I go and its so embarrassing. I've been putting off a check up for months now as I usualy end up with migraine from the terror of it and was told I might need root canal treatment ! if you can go through with that lot you might shame me into booking my check up .....
    good luck !
    julie xxx

  9. Ohhh what a good idea'll feel so much better when it is all sorted. I should take your lead and do the same...I have loads of unfinished plants , odd leaves, petals etc.

    Good luck at the dentist. I am as bad as you. I only go if I am in agony.

    I found a great dentist back home and he let me visit and just sit in his chair and chat for a few times before he even got into my mouth.

    I couldn't care less what a doc does to me but for some stupid and extremely irrational reason I just can't cope with dentists.

    Over here the cost is way more than back home so I have another excuse not to go :-)

  10. I think I have pile envy! I'm sure the end results will be fab!

  11. Thats a great plan Nikki. I have all my to-do dolls/gubbins in a box and take them out one by one. Your going to have some lovely stuff to take to KDF.
    Good luck at the dentist.

    Debie xxxxxxxx

  12. good luck with your finishing pile plan, sounds good. I'm in a finishing mode at the moment too and refuse to start anything new until I am clear of UFO's which has taken me back into mini house renovating and totally away from dollying for a while, but Im hoping the change will do me good.
    I totally understand your thing about dentists too!!! :o( I should go too but am too scared, we all such a bunch of wimps eh?! good luck , and remember it WILL all be worth it !

  13. I've got loads of unfinished projects - some of them not miniature, so they take up loads of space when not done!

    Good luck with all the dental work. I had a wisdom tooth removed about 3 years ago because I could never clean it properly and it filled with holes and broke. It wasn't pleasant having it removed but I'm glad it isn't there now - one less to clean lol

  14. Oh Nikki, a very organised way of working. I do exactly the same and after making a batch of heads which i like at the start,leave them hanging around to long and go off them. Have had to change my ways as well.
    Good luck with the dentist sounds like a long job. Jain xxxxxx

  15. Hi Nikki, I think your working plan sounds great.
    I have the same feeling you have, about the dentist so I cross my fingers for you.


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