Friday, 19 February 2010

Plant Pots - Moon and Sun Floor

Thank you for all the plant pot suggestions last week and the help you all gave.
Really pleased that the ones i went with arrived today, and so thought i would share.
All of the links were great and will be using all of them at a later date. Found some great items on all the sites and not just pots.
Decided to go with the link given by Susan from
I've put them next to a £10 note so yu can see their size.
Here is the link for the shop:

If you have any special projects planned and need pots i could no suggest anywhere better to go. The scale and fnish on these are perfect. Not only are some of the pots great for the garden. Some of the round pots could be used as mixing bowls, with the large bowls being good for circular sinks. The large round pot i plan on turning into a wash bowl fitted into a witches sink.
I'm not always the sharpest tool in the box and had to wait for conifirmation from Susan that each square on the graph for the pots respresent 1 inch. So if you are anything like me then you can roughly work out the size from the 1 inch per square chart.
Most of the pots i bought were size 6, 8 and 10.

Last night i decided to sit and watch tv and sculpt something, and came up with this floor.
Heres a pic of what i would like it to eventually look similar to.

And here's the floor so far. Hope to finish it today and then turn it into stone like i did with the pentacle floor. Should have finished it last night but then i decided for some reason to clean my entire craft room. I have a glass roof and like a mad woman was scrubbing it at 3 in the morning, then all the windows, tidied every last shelf and drawer, organised all my supplies etc. Although lovely and new again i kind of wish i hadn't because i'm shattered today.

Oh yes, my plans from last week have as yet not worked. I'm still diverting off to making smething new and never finishing the old. I've kind of battled through that tray a little, some of them are actually complete too, but new things keep calling me and can never resist, lol.


  1. Whew! Am I glad those pots turned out to be what you wanted...I have bought from there myself and the quality has always been good. It looks like you've gone mad pot buying, though! lol.

    That floor medallion is really nice. It is hard to believe you haven't been sculpting with polymer clay all that long. What a clever girl you are. :-)


  2. Nikki muchas gracias por el enlance de la tienda.

    El sol y la luna esta perfectos¡¡¡¡¡ Quedara un piso muy hermoso. xxx

  3. Nikki those little pots look wonderful and your idea for the sink sounds great.
    As for you not being the sharpest tool in the box your in good company, cause I'm definitely not the full shilling,that's why we get on so well...LOL
    The Floor Medallion looks wonderful Nikki, looking forward to seeing it finished. xxx

  4. Thank you Susan. Hope the floor turns out well. Im going to surround it with further tiles and make it quite a big floor. I dont know if i will make a corner scene with it or leave it on its own and sell like that. I'll just keep going, lol.
    Thank you once again for the pot link... oooh that doesnt sound good does it, makes me sound like a dope head!
    Nikki xxx

  5. I hope my traslation makes sense.

    Hola Carmen. Gracias y feliz usted tiene gusto del piso. ¡Alegre el sitio era bueno para usted! Nikki xxx

  6. Hi Debbie. Good to see you here today and hope you are ok.
    Yes, lovely little pots. Really pleased i found them through Susan. Just knew the pots of my dreams were out there... oh lol!
    As for not the full shilling, I'm about 1/4 of the coin, lol. I would say you are 3/4 of the coin, so together we make a full one and that cant be bad!!!
    Glad you like the floor... so far. Who knows, perhaps it will also hit the pile of everything i never finish.
    Still working on the food tables... still only have the pumpkins, lol!
    Nikki xxx

  7. Absolutely love the floor Nikki - looking forward to seeing it finished. The pots are great. Have just been on the link and will be buying some I think so that I can revamp my garden.

  8. wow that is going to be one fantastic floor!!!!

  9. Wow! What a floor that will be! I love it.


  10. I emailed Braxton a couple of days ago and asked him whether he shipped to the UK...he can of course! It's great to see some pots in real life though (I love the tiny ones!), before I order mine. I need quite a few for the conservatory and in different shapes and sizes..I want them stacked up under the shelving, along with other things. :o)

    The Sun/Moon floor is's going to wonderful. ;o)

    Michelle xxx

  11. Wow- so many sizes of pots- I have to check that link out! The floor looks so fab- if it hits the undone pile I know someone you could send it to......uh....wait- I have my own pile of undone things- forget I said that! Love it though and can't wait to see it finished!

  12. The pots are great but....I love the sun-moon...I love the stars and moon and all the related things...I am sure that will look fab when you finishes...please keep us updated ;)
    Un beso

  13. I do love your work. Always something new in that mind of yours. Way to go!

  14. love the pots ... love that tenner too! LOL, but your floor is the post stealer today, its gonna be great :o) as for scrubbing the glass ceiling at 3 am, whatever you are 'on' please post some to me cos I have run out of oomph again :o(

  15. The floor is comming out really great!! Good idea Nikki! Love it!


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