Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year And New Ideas!

Gosh, its been ages since i blogged. I'd love to say its because i've been enjoying the party season and being merry for new year. Sadly i've not, and have just been busy around the house. I spent New Years Eve ironing, lol.
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and fun New Year!

For the last few days i've been really busy with minis and doing quite a bit of prep work. I've also spent hours mixing clays today to get the perfect colours for lots of planned work. Its nice to have them made up and ready to go.

I applied for the Kensington Dolls House Festival last Autumn, and just before Christmas i found out i was successful. This is lovely news and has given me the push to work harder and put in more hours than i had previously been doing. I feel ever so lucky and have done many a happy dance since!
It's quite daunting because i have no experience of shows and just hoping i can get enough made in 4 short months. I will be there for the spring show in May.

Just before christmas i started preparing and planning, and already have a list of minis to make longer than my arm. Debbie from Tiny Treasures has also helped me add to this list with some of her own ideas. So far not many have been ticked off but i'm sure if all goes to plan the list will get smaller.

Here's what ive been making the last few days. Its evening here so bad photos due to the bad lghting.

The potions tables just need a little bit more work and then i can put them away.
The pumpkins at the front are little bird houses and will be painted later, then the wire and leaves added to look like this.

This is one of the almost complete potting tables. I had a lot of interest in these last year with requests for more to be made. So ive made four, two of which will be available shortly on etsy. The other two will be for the show.
I will post here when they will be listed on etsy.

Some of the flowers on the tables were made by Debbie of Tiny Treasures, and she very kindly sent me a nice supply of them to add to my work. Ive been busy desecting them and mixing into my own leaves and pots. They really are beautiful and have really helped me out loads! Being me i had to make the dirty, so have also been busy making flowers dirty like only a mad woman can, lol.

This is going to be a witches baking table and plan to make others in a similar style. I bought this table, but the next three will be my own designs.
I want it to clearly be a witches table but without the gore and guts typical of a witch baking. Kind of with a tudor feel to it and the colours they would have shown in their food.

These are going to be frog disection boards with the frogs stomachs cut open and their guts hanging out. They need little jars for the removal of eyeballs and perhaps little bowls of further horrid stuff. I really like the idea!

Lots of ideas and lots of work ahead!

From now on i will list once a month on etsy as i prepare for the show. This will be on a Sunday evening and probably the middle of each month. Taking photos and listing online i find takes up quite a lot of time, so will be good to get it done in this way from now on with one postage day rather than several.
Recently i have had a few requests for commission work but sadly i can't commit to these. I will make sure i put a varied amount of minis on etsy each month and the rest will be kept for the show.

Check out this fab blog - The Mouse Mansion. The lady emailed me this evening to say she has just started a blog and i know many of you will love what she has made. Really caught my attention and love, love, love it.... loads! What a fantastic way with minis!

Nikki xxx


  1. Congratulations on Kensington Nikki. I'm glad you've told everyone.It will be so exciting for you. The tables look brilliant and I like what you've done with the flowers. But don't forget to save some for yourself for your Witch's Garden. Looking forward to seeing all the ideas come to
    Isn't the Mouse House Mansion fabulous the lady also emailed me this evening with the link.

  2. Happy New Year Nikki to you and your family! I love the new favourites, love them all! lol Good idea about the once a month Etsy listing...very sensible and manageable! :o))

    I'm soooo pleased that you made it to KDF, I know it was a dream for you. CONGRATULATIONS!!:o))

    Michelle xxx

  3. Hi Nikki happy New year! So pleased for you that you will be at the show, do hope I can go! Eveything looks amazing, was going to ask you where the flowers came from, I thought youd started making flowers too! Can I ask where you got the table from for the witches baking table as i need a very long table to do the mandrake table in the new conservatory and finding it hard to find nice tables! The frog board is a fab idea, nice and gory too! off to check out that blog, looks very appealing!! Kate and John xx

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I hope I shall be able to hop to London this year!!! The Mouse Mansion is brilliant, isn't it? best wishes and good work !!! Rosanna

  5. Hi Nikki. Congratulations on Kensington!!!! Very well deserved. Your work is outstanding!! :)
    All the ideas and pictures look great.
    I have something for you and I will send it to you this week. I will email you.

  6. Fantastic Nikki, what great news :-) I will try if I can to go so I can see your stall. Your work is looking great as always love the frog boards tee hee they sound gross but cool!Happy new year to you and to everyone :-)

  7. Hi Nikki!

    I love the frog boards, too. And the potting tables are really wonderful.

    I would like to go to the show so much. I must look for a flight to London ;0). Maybe I can visit it.


  8. Congratulations Nikki, you are going to go down a storm ! Love the frog boards, very disgusting but in a good way LOL
    Now why did you mention the 4 short months !!
    I still have to prepare for kensington plus miniatura, pudsey and glasgow in the months leading up to to get busy in the shed now !
    julie xxx

  9. Hi Debbie. Dont worry i have plenty for the witches house and already stored them up. I really love all that you sent and when the light is good will take some better photos of them
    I love the mouse house too and love what the lady has done.

  10. Hi Michelle. Happy New Year to you!
    Its nice when dreams come true but the work involved isn't too dreamy, lol.
    Nikki xxx

  11. Hi Kate and John. I sent an email to you with a link for another table you may like. I will look up the stall i bought the table from and email you the details this evening.
    Glad you like the frog boards too.
    Nikki xxx

  12. Hi Rosanna. I hope you can make it. It would be lovely to see you there.
    So gald you liked the link for the fab mouse house. Its one of my faves and very clever.
    Nikki xxx

  13. Hi Eva. Thank you for your nice comments.
    I finally visited your blog last night afater weeks of seeming to miss out on new posts.
    I like your new picture too!
    Will look forward to your email.
    Nikki xxx

  14. Hi Kat. Hope you can make it. Happy New Year to you too! Hope its a good year for you.
    Nikki xxx

  15. Hi Lotti. I think you can find cheap flights with some companies online. It would be lovely to meet you if you manage to.
    I knew you would like the frog boards, lol.
    Happy new year to you!
    Nikki xxx

  16. Hi Julie. Sorry i mentioned the four months, lol. God, i'd be in a right panic with all your shows to prep for. I'm in awe of anyone that can do so many.
    Your shed is looking lovely as always and hope you get loads done. I would so love your shed to escape to.
    I also like the rockig chair you have on the outside and wanted to rescue it the other day out of the cold and ice pictures on your blog.
    Poor chair, lol. It looks so beautiful and would love it for my craft room.
    Nikki xxx

  17. What a busy girl you have been!! Congrat on Kensington...what fun! Love what you've been up to. Thank you again for the pudding ornament. Went right on my tree, which is still up and probably will stay so until after the mini show next w/e.


  18. Hi Nikki,
    Happy New Year to you and your family. Congratulations on Kensington, You will be fab there, I wish I could pop along and say hi. Your new ideas are brilliant. My favourite.. got to be the frogs!!!!
    JUlia XX

  19. Happy New Year Nikki!
    You do have wonderful imagination and the talent to match it!

  20. oooowww, lot's of new and nice goodies, mmm, like them!
    Happy new year to you and your beloved ones ;)

    love, Andrea

  21. Hi Nikki, Happy New Year !
    It's wonderfull !

  22. The frog dissection boards are priceless Nikki! Your imagination runneth over!! Happy New Year to you. Looks like you will have and exciting and creative year ahead!


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