Sunday, 27 December 2009

Gifts From Debbie!

Thank you all for your Christmas wishes over the last few days!
Had a lovely Christmas and one of the nicest Christmas days i can remember.

Our lovely Debbie from Tiny Treasures sent me a Christmas gift which arrived a few days before Christmas. Like Debbie i was also very good and waited for Christmas morning.
Heres my gifts. Thank you Debbie!

I was like a child in a sweet shop opening these. I love glass and cant get over them. Just wish i had the witch and wizard house ready to put them in.
This is what they look like when fully set up. Pinched this pic from Debbies blog.

Debbie also sent me a beautiful plate of cookies and mince pies. Both look exactly like they are real but the cookies just make you want to eat them. Love them!

For christams my husband bought me a few more beads to add to my Chamilia bracelet. I've been collecting these since my birthday in September. The beads on the left are not Chamilia, and all the beads on the right are. I need to still get the spacers and some smaller colourful beads, plus i would love a little bit more gold to add to the odd bead.
As you can see there is a pumpkin, snake, moon and stars, and a frog. Want it to be a bit witchy, lol!

He also bought me a wonderful wooden bowl which i so love. Wish i could have one just like it in mini too!


  1. Oohh wonderful goodies lucky you Nikki, love the glass, and Debbie kindly sent us some of her beautiful cookies too, thankyou Debbie. Look forward to seeing what you do with the glass, youll have to do a room box of some sort and make a wizard!!lol Kate and John xxxxx

  2. owesome! i love the glass! and i also plan to make a witch house..

  3. lucky girl! Debbie sent you such pretty things! I love the glassware and the cookies are so cute!

  4. lovely pressies nikki, the glass is absolutely fabulous !!! love your wooden bowl too, its beautiful,
    julie xx

  5. Lovely goodies, either the ones from Debbie and hubby's ones. You have been a good litte witch! Best wishes Rosanna

  6. What wonderful gifts. This swap was a great idea. The cookies are my favorites.

  7. How wonderful what great items you got :-) I got an animation station to make wallace and gromit style fims on my pc :-). Got some odds and ends for you will send in the new year xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to you my inspiration to keep on making my hats

  8. what wonderful christmas gifts!! I am in love with the bowl- stunning!!!

  9. The mini and big presents are simply wonderful! I love the glassware, especially the dome and the biscuits are fab!!! The handled bowl IS so different, it looks like it could have been made in a place like Bali. :o)

    Have a FAB New Year!
    Michelle xxxx

  10. Is beautiful!!!!!!!!!, congratulations and happy new year!!!!!!!!!!besitos ascension

  11. wonderful presents!!!!!!!!!, enjoy them!!!!!

  12. Happy new year to you Niki!!
    All the best for the coming year 2010!!


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