Monday, 11 January 2010

Trying Out Stone!

Last year i bought a few brands of doll making clay to see which i liked best. Prosculpt became my favourite, with Fimo Puppen being my least favourite, because in my opinion it didn't blend as well and lost its shape too easily.
So i have ended up with a large block i don't want to waste and have been thinking of different ways to use it.
Last year i made some large floor slabs in a pentacle design using paperclay, which i thought were beautiful. So i decided to somehow try and make another using the fimo.
Here it is marked out and baked.

Now i need to think about adding texture.
Not sure how i will do this, but I'm sure after experimenting i'll find a way. Then i'll paint it to look like dirty old grey stone.
The little metal disc showing in the photo i think would look lovely set in a stone circle pattern, and will do so if the fist floor tile turns out ok. It was a pendant for a necklace which broke and ive saved for years wondering what to do with it.
I also decided to make a stone table base as shown in the picture above, which just needs a stone top. But now i think i'll turn it into some sort of pillar with a spooky display on the top. Not sure!
If you want to have a go at making a large floor tile like this find a pattern you like and print off to the required size, then lay it over your rolled out clay.
You can gently score the clay through the paper so it leaves a slight pattern on the clay. Then remove the paper and work on the pattern in more detail with your modelling tools.
Or i have discovered if you damp your paper from the front and lay it over the clay the ink will stain the clay if the paper is pressed on and left for a few minutes.
Then remove the paper and work on the pattern with your tools.
I also find laying the rolled out clay on paper is better than laying it on a tile or glass work surface. Laying the clay on paper means it's easier to turn as you work, and also great if you need to lift the clay off its surface without any sticking. You can bake in an electric oven with the paper too.
As yet i cant say how to make the texture but will let you know once ive ran a few tests.
If using paperclay you can stipple it with a brush for texture before its dry or crinkled tinfoil. Then paint with acrylic and lots of stone coloured washes.
I found stippling this polymer clay for texture caused the shape to distort, but maybe you will find a way round this.

I've also been making some large mushroom in Lord only knows what scale. I think they may be useful for fairy houses in clusters around the house or garden.
I love fly argarics and without fail they always make me smile.

Check out Granny O'Grimm. Heres the link
Once there click on the TV to watch a fantastic and ever so funny version of Sleeping Beauty. Made me laugh loads! Plus the Agony Granny is beyond words... brilliant!


  1. Oh my! That Granny! Thank you so much for the link, I adore animated films like those :)
    If you like this, maybe you'll enjoy this one too:

    By the way, the floorproject is interesting! I'll be happy to see what you'll do for texture!

  2. Hi Nikki! Love the Granny link!

    As for the stone, you always find a way to use up left over supplies. What a talent. Have you tried texturing with the loop side of velcro? I find it doesn't require the same pressure as a stipling brush. Whatever you decide, I am sure you do it well and it will turn out great!


  3. Oh Nikki! this is great!
    I cannot wait to see the texture...
    I also love the shrooms.
    I wish you a nice day and a nice rest of the week too!

  4. Great way to use up that fimo Nikki,I;m not a fan either but the one I really cant use is super sculpey as there are so many moonies in thast clay !
    You could make fab display plinths for your fair table like this if you used a disc of mdf under the clay, possibilities are endless :0)
    You could mix some sand in with your paint, thats adds a nice texture. Theres also a texture medium you can buy to mix with your acrylics. I havent tried it but it looks interesting.
    julie xxx

  5. Nikki the coin looks like it has Magic Symbols on it. I hope you can get a good impression of it.
    I watched Granny and its brilliant, thanks for the link. xxx

  6. Hi Nikki,
    It's pumpkins that always make me smile :0) Love your mushrooms and your stone work is going to be great.
    Have a great day, Julia xx

  7. I haven't tried to do stone effects with any make of polymer clay yet. For texture, you could try rubbing over with very coarse sand paper. Great designs though and I love the mushrooms! Will take a look at the link too!
    Michelle xxx

  8. your clay tips are wasted on me but the Granny-link is hilarious! Thanks 8-D

  9. Love your little fly argarics Nikki, and loved that link to Granny Grimm even more!!!that poor child hahaha, I love old people like that ;o)

  10. I watched, read and listened to everything Granny Grim had to say! lol lol The child’s eyes and facial expressions were just as funny! It WAS hilarious! Thanks so much for the link and laughter! ;o)
    Michelle xxx

  11. Glad you all liked Granny Grim. She's amazing!
    Found a nice product to make texture with and will post about it later this evening.
    Nikki xxx

  12. Paper Clay is the best medium I have ever used, it is a shame I cannot purchase it here in OZ never mind I can get Das! So not all is lost!
    Oh that Granny is so cool!
    love those figures!lol what a giggle!

  13. Keep up the good work love the new mushrooms :-). Have you done mushrooms with faces before? Would be great to see you do a range of screaming vegetables including cabbages ha ha ha!

  14. Hi Kat, yes, i have done mushrooms with faces.
    I dont want to do the veg because there is a lady that makes veg with faces.
    I will think up something else do do with faces because its a fab idea.
    Are you feeling better now? Hope so!
    Nikki xxx

  15. Hi Deni. You can make your own paperclay. If you look for a recipe there are loads available online. Its paper, glue and normally earth clay i think.
    But Das is fine, although i cant use it if i am selling an item due to it breaking easily for something like this floor. I know it can be packed well and wont break but when i have tried making minis with das and tested for breaking ive been too worriedd to sell and send.
    I have used it on my witches house floor and it great.
    Nikki xxx

  16. You're a true artist. As a published author, I would like to welcome you to my latest book, The Magic of Fuller, book one, "Keeper of the Stone".

  17. Oh I have had a bit of a peruse to make my own but..... maybe Im a little tiny bit lazy huh?
    Yes it would be a bit risky to post! Paper clay is the BEST!!!

  18. your floor are super and I love the little mushrooms. Can I ask, I've never tried to use any of this clay, can you bake it in a normal oven? I want to have a play now :)


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