Friday, 4 December 2009

Christmas and Decorations

Thought i would share the two christmas tree decorations i made this morning with you.
I'm on a mission to handmake all the decorations for the tree this year and these are the first two. They are not perfect and have their faults but i love the colours and they kind of remind me of halloween. I'm hoping i can find some orange fairy lights but if not then gold will do.
I think these would also make nice gift tags if anyone is stuck for ideas!
Quite proud i have now managed to do all the christmas shopping and even wrapped them all. Just have a few little things to make and wrap and then i'm all ready.

Will be back to making and selling my witch mini's shortly. Just enjoying the break, being lazy and having lots of rest. Plus been reading lots which is a fave of mine too.
I have not achieved all i planned during this break and the decorating i planned just isn't happening. There is always another year, lol!


  1. Nikki love your little Owls what a wonderful

  2. I love the owl tree decorations, especially the muted and natural colours. It's such a busy tine of year, don't worry what you can't get done!! ;o)

    Michelle xx

  3. Hey Nikki,
    You have an amazing talent for sculpting, my dear! These are great little pieces.


  4. So cute and lovely. A great innovative idea.You are so incredibly good Nikki. Have a nice afternoon Rosanna

  5. These are really beautiful. The colours are lovely.

  6. They are lovely, Nikki, I'm sure your tree will look fab. Faults?? I can't see any :0) You are very good doing your shopping and wrapping. I must get organised! Mad dash tomorrow maybe, on my one day off!
    Julia xx

  7. Nikki they are adorable...that is some task hand making all of the tree decs though...and starting in December lol.

    Still seems like you have everything else sorted :-)

  8. LOVE the owls!! How freaking cute are those!! And love the colors too....a whole tree like this?! That would be awesome!!

    Glad to hear you're enjoying your break...but we sure do miss ya!!

  9. how cute...!!!
    they look so pretty...i like you hand in moulding so clean...i hope i've said right in english... i mean your work is perfect...have you seen my new background's blog??? because i see your owls perfectly on one of it...why don't you try to win my candy???? easy enough...bye


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