Sunday, 6 December 2009

Pudding and falling in love.

Heres some little puddings i made last night. I was meant to be making an owl tree decoration for Debbie in red and gold, but it didnt look right so made these for her instead. The photo is awful and not showing the little flecks of gold very well. The berries also sparkle a little, as do the leaves.

Ive been busy making other decorations and will show them when im further along. I need to buy ribbons and threads before they are finished.

Last night after waiting all week i snuggled up to watch Being Alan Bennett on tv.
This was such a treat and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the genius he is.
I've looked on bbci player if it's available, but sadly it's not.
Here is my favourite from talking heads. This is Waiting for the Telegram with Thora Hird, from Talking Heads. Thought i would share with you. Really gets to me, and the end without fail always makes me cry.
I reckon there will be more of his monologues available through the week on bbci player if you like the above one.
I find i prefer the book rather than watching.
Here is a link to my fave book The Lady in the Van.

Here is a link with more info and a full bibliography.

So onto falling in love. Thought i had found my favourite singer but last night i switched over and wtached the Ray Charles movie. Heres the link Once there click on enter site to hear some of the soundtracks.
I've always thought it not possible to love every song a singer produces, but since watching the film and listening to further tracks online, there is not one song i don't love and now i'm so in love with this man its beyond words. If you get the chance go to you tube and look him up. He's now a fave for my christmas stocking!

Once again blogspot refuses to allow me to leave comments. i have tried several times for the previous post and will do so once it works again.


  1. I luv Ray Charles!!!My favourite song will be... ummm, let me think, maybe Hallelujah I just love her so and of course Hit the road Jack!

  2. P.s. wonderful tree decoration!

  3. I love the pudding Christmas tree ornaments! I remember they were one of my favorite things to draw as a kid....I'll have to dig one up for you, lol....the drawing that is:)

  4. Oh fab, the comment s are working again for me.

  5. Hi Begona. Glad you like the puddings.
    I love those songs too... and every single other one too, lol!

  6. Hi Katie. Yes, put a pic on your blog of the pudding drawings. Will be nice to see!
    When i was little i always did pictures of houses and plans of what i would have when i grew up. Wish i still had them to see if any of my dreams came true.
    My second fave were fashion drawings and would spend hours trying to draw the figures.

  7. I love the pudding decorations, so wonderfully Christmassy!! :o)) You should have made some to sell! :o)

    I always used to draw a thatched cottage with a garden as a child. It had arched windows that were also eyes and red roses around the front door and it had a bent brick chimney stack. lol I lived in a cottage, but it wasn't thatched or have eyes for windows! lol ;o)

    Michelle xx

  8. Oh Nikki those Puddings are fabulous and I truly Love them. xxxx

  9. Love those pudding nikki ! and alan bennett too, I also prefer to read his monologues, the minds eye paints the perfect picture but then again you cant fault thora hird.
    As for Ray charles, my first husband was mad on him and I was quickly converted ! I'm sure he wouldnt mind me saying now one of the few things I miss about him is his ray charles record collection LOL
    julie xxx

  10. Nikki those pudding decs are great.

    Debie xxx

  11. Hi Nikki, I love your Christmas ornaments! they are really cute. They remind me of illustration of a book i had when I was a child ^_^

  12. Those puddings are just wonderful! ;)

  13. I love your little pudding ornaments Nikki. They have a wonderful old fashioned look to them!


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