Thursday, 26 November 2009

Fab Tudor Furniture on Etsy!

Last week (think it was Thursday) i was looking around on etsy and found some wonderful Tudor and Victorian furniture on etsy.
Heres the link to the shop called Wight Crafts
I loved the furniture and the finish, plus the fact they are dressed in beautiful materials.
But even though i love them, i still wanted to be able to buy them in their bare untreated state with no wood stainng or the material. So i contacted the seller to ask if this could be done.
Quite pleased the reply was yes, so i asked for two cupboard beds. Can not belive they were made in such a small amount of time and are already here. It's less than a week since i ordered them... amazing!
The seller is lovely and ever so helpful and really works with you as to what you want. All the furniture is 1:12 scale and also 1:24 scale.

This is what i ordered and can't wait to get them scratched up, aged and ever so ever so witchy, with some electrical lighting (a candle), maybe a little witches vanity shelf and lots of dirtry tatty bedding and drapes. Think i will hand paint some pictures on the material and somehow give each one a seperate theme.


  1. They are beautiful Nikki, just as you described. Can't wait to see what you do to them. xx

  2. Me too! Cant wait to see them all done Nikki. I have the gothic bed! I saw it and decided to redo one of the rooms in the haunted house into another bedroom so out came all the vampire stuff and in went the bed! I still have to redo the material to a witchy theme but the bed is just gorgeous! They are so talented and like you say, so helpful.

  3. Nikki, you never cease to amaze me with your ideas! The furniture is beautiful and looks well-made. I am sure your "witchifying" to the unfinished cupboard bed will be fab, as usual. Can't wait to see what you do.


  4. Oooh, lovely and wonderful bed's, I understand why you buy them.

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  6. oh, it's whitchy gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  7. Oooh, they're so cool! And versatile - I reckon you could do all sorts of things with them! Have fun!

  8. I also own one of Wightcrafts' beds. They are amazingly beautiful! Hope you have fun creating, Nikki!

  9. I have actually got the first bed that you show, in my Tudor dolls house, and some other beds and a cradle made by the same maker.However, I had lost their details and I tried your link, but it says that they are no longer an Etsy member. Have you still got their email address, so I could get in touch? Thanks, Jan (T)


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