Monday, 26 October 2009

When i'm not looking!

This evening i have been packing parcels ready to send tomorrow.
While doing this i let Patrick carve one of the pumpkins and then he decided to take some photos.
Then he asked if he could borrow some mini ones to sit next to the large one.
So i let him, but insisited he looked after them and didn't get them dirty.
I carried on packing and he snapped away.

So i decided to have a look at his pics and this is what i found... lol.

Poor little pumpkins being gobbled up by the giant one!

I promise Kate and John they have not been harmed and will arrive in perfect condition.

I love pumpkins, the warm glowing colours make the house feel cosy and warm.

Here's some more pics of his carvings.

Nikki xxx


  1. Just LOVE the photo of the big jack-o-latern gobbling up the little ones!!!

    Great carving job!!!

    It's almost Halloween and almost my birthday!!!! I love this time of the year, LOL


  2. That is too funny!! I can't wait to carve our pumpkins too. It has been so warm here we didn't want to do it yet as they would start to rot! Should have anyway, so we could have enjoyed them longer.

  3. The cannibal pumpkin is so fun. Patrick has been very good at carving and he had a nice idea for a pic.Have a nice day Rosanna

  4. Your son is quite talented in his carving, photography and as an up and coming prop stylist to boot... Thank you for sharing the pics. Thank you so much for the email, I am so pleased your post finally arrived, I thought for sure it was lost.

    Take care, Lisa

  5. What a funny pic.... hahaha... Patrick has done a very good job ((-:

  6. Well done Patrick, love the face you carved in the Pumpkin. Poor baby pumpkins being eaten by the big one. Brilliant..LOL

  7. Well done Patrick, hes done a fantastic job with those pumpkins LOL. Kids, you turn your back for five mins and presto much mischief LOL.
    Debie xxx

  8. What a photographer in the making, fantastic, even if our poor little pumkins are being eaten alive!!!!!!!!!! Those pics are amazing, he has a great talent and a wonderful imagination, wonder who he takes after hey!! lol Kate and john xxx

  9. I love your son Patrick's carved pumpkin, he's done a fab job! The pics are fantastic....I assume that no little pumpkins were harmed in the making of the pic! lol lol ;o)

    Michelle :o)


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