Thursday, 22 October 2009

Pictures of Laduree - Harrods.

I totally forgot about these photos from the summer taken outside Laduree at Harrods.
They may be useful for all you lovers of macaroons.

Took me ages to take this picture. An arab man thought it was hilarious to keep jumping infront of the camera. I think he had more money and gold on him than sense.

The building above Laduree. For the life of me i couldn't work out if this was the front, side or back of the building... lol.

Yum, Yum!


In Harrods i wasn't one bit interested in what they were selling (only had a few pounds in my purse), but the ceiling and walls were beautiful. I didn't take any other pictures of the interior because there were too many security guards around and i didn't feel comfortable doing so.
The ceiling in the food court was my favourite and the stained glass. I wish i could have taken more photos.

Patrick, Niall and my two neices Holly and Grace on the way home.

Yummy Muffin shop in Covent Garden. I think painted windwos like this for minis sweet shops would look great.

Patrick and Niall in Trafalgar square.

I really should have made an effort to take a photo from the front, lol. Sorry its the back. I really do think they built it the wrong way round!


  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us Nikki.

  2. Thank you Nikki,it's like being there for a few moments. Your kids are very very good looking but do not tell them if they might be ashamed...Nothing yet? I'll start redoing it.Hugs Rosanna

  3. PS the Food Hall is gorgeous !! I always go there when I'm in London. I never buy anything, too pricey for my pockets.

  4. Nikki! Those photos brought back memories of our trips to London. Harrods is my favorite store in the whole world....At least of the ones that I have seen so far. I never will forget having to pay a pound to go to the lady's room in Harrods...It was worth it. That is the most impressive restroom that I have ever seen!LOL I can get in real trouble in their book department. In fact, I have...

    Thanks again!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous photos with us!!!


  6. Hah hah about Nelson being the wrong way round - I like that. I bet there are far fewer pictures of his rear or side view than front view, so you're onto something there.

    I had a lovely 2 days in London with my sister during June, and we saw lots of these sites, though she did Harrods after I left, and walked out when the security guards wouldn't let her in with her rucksack on her back - she had to carry it in her hand!

  7. Lovely pictures Nikki. Those macaroons look like miniatures and I thought they were at first and that you had found some sort of marvelous new mini LMAO. Lovely looking children. Thank you for sharing
    Debie xxx

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