Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Name Game Competition

Please note: i have ammended this post. I made a mistake earlier and said it was a ten letter word. Oops... i counted the hyphen as one of them.
All ammened as below with a nine letter word and a hyphen somewhere in the middle

I've wanted to have a competition for some time and decided there is no better time than Halloween.
All you have to do is leave a comment with what you think this potion table will be based around.
It's based around a harry potter potion which includes, bones, eyes, stingers, dragon heart strings and spring water. Plus something extra that can only be added at the end.
Its also 9 letters long with a hyphon/dash somewhere in the middle.

I'm showing the table at this stage because the colour of the liquid for the cauldron may give the game away.

All correct entries will be put in a hat and the draw will take place on 31st October at 10pm. I can't do it earlier because the children are off halloweening and will spend the entire evening answering the door to far too many kids.

The competition is open to everyone that follows my blog and everyone that leaves comments.

Your prize will be the small slate potion board you can see infront of the table and i will make it up to be similar to the table. It will contain a glass jar, a cauldron and all the magic ingredients.

If you are really stuck there are plenty of harry potter sites that list all the potions and their ingredients.


Nikki xxx


  1. The table looks fab so far, love the cauldron! to have a think and watch a particular Harry Potter film!

    Michelle :o)

  2. Well, I'll take a really wild guess and say Love-Potion, I can't find a receipe, but it does contain ashwinder eggs.

    Michelle :o)

  3. Oops michelle. I will go back and ammend the post. I counted the hyphen as one of the letters

    Nikki xxx

  4. LOL Well in that case, I DIDN'T say love-potion! lol Off to have another think. Please feel free to remove my other mutterings! ;o)

    Michelle :o)

  5. Sorry about that Michelle.
    Silly old me... lol!!!

  6. Fun competition Nikki!! Uh - I am not really studied up on my HP potions but glad my friends and I just watched through the whole series again..... hmmm... I am gonna guess Skele-grow? The table looks great!!! - ara

  7. Fun competition, Nikki! I'm DUCKING as I say this, LOL, but I am probably the only person on this planet that has NOT read an HP book or seen the movie. Thank goodness for the internet!!

    My answer is Skele-Gro :)


  8. I'd venture to say Skele-Gro as well.. :D

  9. Hi Nikki,
    Excuse me while I poke Marsha and say ' YOU KIDDING ME!YOU MUST SEE THEM!!! read the books they are brilliant,, films are great too if you like the books but more for eye candy!!'
    Ok my telling off over to Marsha, now I have to say DITTO
    ' Skele - Grow' Good luck everyonre with the great competition, and love the looks of the table so far Nikki
    Kate and John xx

  10. Mmmm....I'm going to say Poly-juice potion, even thought the "official" spelling doesn't seem to have a hyphen, it certainly could. The list of ingredients just seems right to me...especially that last minute add.


  11. Well, Nikki, I'll try Skele-Grow. What a great competition and I'm a huge fan of your creations.


  12. If you have to add one ingredien at the end I'll try Poly-juice, it's the only one I can remember with one thing to be additioned. I hope its the proper English name, it's Pozione Polisucco overhere.Hugs Rosanna

  13. I'll go with Poly-Juice.

    :) I can't wait to see the finished table!

  14. Great competition Nikki.. My answer is Skele-Gro

  15. Well, I'm going to say 'Skele-Grow' too. I own one of Nikki's early Skle-Grow boards and she spells you like above hence 9 letters, but I know some peeps spell it like Skele-Gro. The potion is icky green with blood-shot eye balls.

    Michelle :o)

  16. For me it's been very very difficult ... I've read all the Harry Potter books in Spanish, except the last one ... and English translations are not exactly the same and I could not remember the ingredients and details... but after a very hard work of research and a lot of fun .LOL.. I can say is: Skele-Gro ....and I have the recipe!:
    Skele-Grow Potion
    The taste of this potion is not pleasant and the actually re-growing of bones is rather painful. It is much easier, and far more painless, to simply mend the bone instead of re-growing one. This potion can take some time to develop; the brew time is roughly 2 weeks and 3 days for 1 bottle.

    2 Gallons of Ice Cold Spring water
    1 tablespoon of Chicken bone marrow
    1 Billywig stinger
    4 Hippogriff eyes, chilled
    2 Dragon heartstrings of a Common Welsh green

    1. Place the two gallons of Ice-cold spring water in the cauldron and stir it feverishly until it starts to boil strong.
    2. Add the Billywig stinger to the boiling water and let it settle in the boiling water for two weeks.
    3. After the two weeks, the Billywig stinger should have melted completely into the water. Now it will have a light blue aura to it.
    4. Add the dragon Heartstring and Hippogriff eyes and stir twice an hour for three days. Afterward, It will have its green color and be finished

    Note: Do not exceed dosage of 4 tablespoons. A side effect is growth to giant proportions.


  17. Well there you go, then! I learn new things every day. This is the first actual "recipe" I've seen for Skele-Grow. Thank you for posting it. :-)

  18. The table is looking great! I will vote
    Skele-Grow as well.

  19. Oooh!! Put me in- Skele-Grow !!

  20. um... is it Skele-Gro? I was looking up all the potions, and this is the only one that fit the bill.

    Thanks Nikki!

  21. Well I am not au fait with my Harry Potter potions but I am going to cheat and say skele-grow too because I love this table and all those fab bones !
    julie xxx

  22. ow..... almost missed! ;-)
    nikki nice ... I join
    I also think Skele-Gro ...
    hugs marja

  23. Mmmmm.....(raises hand from corner) it too late to change my guess to "Skele-gro(w)"?


  24. ooooooohhhhhhh I see that I am wrong wrote nikki
    it should be:
    hugs marja

  25. ...sorry, I'm computer is daed, and I'm borrowing a friends for a minute! Have to be honest and say off the top of m head i dunno....but after readig all the great entries....I;m thinking It's Skelle-Gro? What a fun contest! Good luck to the winner:)

  26. Hi Nikki,
    Great competition! Now I have to be honest and say I also haven't read the HP books and have only half heartedly watched the films whilst sewing!! BUT.. I do have the books (I just borrowed them off Dean, do you think he'll notice they are missing?!!) and I promise I will start reading them! But I do have some of your potion boards and I think the answer is Skele-Gro

    Julia :0)xx

  27. All your comments are ever so funny, lol!
    A few of you have entered a few times and thats fine. I will take all last answers from each person that has answered a few times, and if they are correct your name will go in the hat.
    I'll put a picture on the blog this Sunday of the winning prize.
    Have fun!

    Nikki xxx

  28. Hi Nikki! what a super game is this! :) I love Harry Potter(almost as much as I love the mad hatter and the Cheshire that much) answer is Skele-Gro!
    I'm so excited! I'll keep my fingers crossed!
    take care ^_^

  29. I love the glasswork and your makings, I always look seeing your pictures! Thanks for bringing me in the halloween mood by the way ;)

  30. look has to be love! I LOVE seeing your pictures ;)

  31. Skele-gro! It has to be. Oh, how fun is this!!

    that set-up is amazing.

    Julie Old Crow

  32. My guess is Skele-Grow.
    I'll be out tonight tricking the treaters.


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