Thursday, 15 October 2009

Telescope Trials.

Not sure if it is blogspot or my computer but i am still unable to leave comments.
Thank you for all your lovely comments in the previous post. I always feel like such a snail with making minis, i never get anywhere fast and your lovely comments always encourage me to keep going.

Today i have been trying to make telescopes. So far so good!
I need to refine them more and then start thinking about how the bases are made.
My neighbour is bringing home some much needed construction essentials from work tomorrow, and it's bugging me not being able to get on with them.
I already have all the little bits needed like cogs and fancy copper, and can't wait until tomorrow when i can see what they are like or what disaster i may end up with.
I've been sitting playing with all the bits trying to work out the best way to make the tripod bases or something that makes them look appropriate for a wizard.

These first few trials will be added to the trunks from a previous blog post and on some planned tables. When i am happy with the results i will make more for sale on their own.

Off to play with them a bit more!

Nikki xxx


  1. You are an amazing woman!! How you can find time to do such talented miniatures with a home, children, a husband.....???
    It is wonderful!! :)
    I love your telescopes. You can be more than happy with them

  2. WOW they are going to be so cool! Bet your dying to get on with them. John bought me one a while back ,i think its on our blog, looks great in a wizards study
    Kate and John xx

  3. They look very good so far Nikki! Another master piece in the making methinks!
    Michelle :o)

  4. Nikki these are amazing. Your doing great, you and Tabitha make the best telescopes I have seen.


    Debie xxx

  5. A great job with your telescopes, Nikki. I like the detailing on them. How lucky to have a neighbor with access to "parts" or the talent to fabricate them! I have scoured hardware stores to find the proper fittings with limited success. Can't wait to see the finished product.


  6. Lovely, I love them to bits!!! No news yet? I feel so bad about it. Mini hugs Rosanna

  7. They look fantastic Nikki. Thanks for the chat today.. xx

  8. I can't believe how wonderful your telescopes are! You are so talented.

    And I greatly appreciate your listening to my recent issues and trying to help me. I am still waiting to hear something from that but too afraid to look into it and possibly invite trouble!

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  9. They look awesome, perhaps you can make a stand with a loop on it, so you can slide the scope into to make it work?

    love Andrea

  10. These look amazing Nikki, you must be sooo patient ! They will looks so fab on stands too,
    julie xx

  11. These are wonderful Nikki....can't wait to see the finished product !

    You amaze me the way you keep coming up with something different :-)


Thank you for your comment xxx