Friday, 16 October 2009

Gifts and Halloween Treats From Kate

Kate and John from sent me a suprise gift which arrived today.
I was thrilled to bits and love everything.
The mushroom and wizardology books are fantastic and will go in my witches potion room (when the house is finished).
I struggle to make open books and Kate has done a fantastic job.
I've also been good and not eaten any of the chocolate yet (maybe later).
The bouquet of flowers is beautiful and will use as an ornament. I dont own any pretty minis so perhaps i need to make a pretty girly scene.
Thank you ever so much Kate and John. I'm also happy it has arrived because i know you sent it about a week ago and will stop you both worrying.

Parcels seem to be taking forever to arrive at the moment and hoping there have been no problems with those i sent to customers last week.
I sent a parcel to Rosanna almost two weeks ago which arrived with her, but sadly Rosannas surprise gift to me has still not arrived. I'm still hopeful it will because all of them from the UK have been very slow, so it must be even slower from Italy.


I am still unable to leave comments on my own blog and others. Is anyone else having this problem?


  1. No nikki, I have had a problem leaving comments...can't imagine what could be causing it. Kate's books are so well done! I love the little bits tucked in the pages.
    I heard there was a mail strike in the that true? We haven't had one in a while but things always slow down and stuff gets "lost" when that happens. Hope your parcel from Rosanna shows up soon... :-)


  2. What fabulous books Kate made!!!

    I was SO surprised that Priscilla arrived at Kate's in a week and a few days. I was expecting it to take much longer.


  3. Fabulous Books Nikki, Kate has done a beautiful job.Love the covers. I love the Owl one that she made me. x

  4. Phew was getting worried there!! The post is so slow!
    Just a little thankyou for always helping ous when we have questions we bombard you with and for picking up the bookstand!
    Glad you like the books Nikki, I know you love mushrooms so that was my first choice to make then thought hmmm how about a wizard book. You can use it in your trunk if you prefer, whatever you want to do with it.
    And John thought a mini bouquet was appropriate!
    I know the choccie lollies are supposed to be for children but hey you love chocolate, you love Halloween so i thought they were the kids will be after them, but they are yours!!!
    ENJOY and thanks again Kate and John xxx
    p.s Tell Debbie I have another book to make her too, I only sent the one, as I was in a rush to get the pressie off to her but I have got the images for another so look out for the posty too Debbie !! xx

  5. The books are superbly made, both on the outside and the inside! You don't often see open books with printed covers. I have some, but the covers are aged leather.

    What a wonderful pressie Nikki and the chocs of course lol! :o)

  6. Hi there,

    I love your blog, such an inspiration! You make the most wonderfull miniatures! I look forward to seeing even more ;)

  7. Oh Neat! I just love that mushroom book! And it's cover!!! What beautiful gifts!!


  8. what a wonderful present :0) Kate has made a fabulous job of the books, they are beautiful.
    I've not had any probs leaving comments but I did have a few gremlins earlier in the week where my dashboard was empty and that sorted itself out so fingers crossed your gremlins dissappear soon too ,
    julie xxx

  9. Wondrful books, they look so witchy, i use the same illustrations for a painting in my mini sunroom.

  10. These books are wonderful, very talented julie says...a wonderful present

  11. Hi! I just wanted to say thank-you for your tips! I have heard about the rice, but haven't gotten a chance to use it yet! Not to sure if I like making the food either....still just dabbling here and there, ya know. Thanks Again!!

  12. The award fever has come back again to the miniatures blogs and there's an award for you on my blog, you can come in and pick it up!


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