Saturday, 31 October 2009

Pictures of pumpkins before 10.

I've had a really busy day shopping for food and sorting Pats and Niall out to go Halloweening. They are out now. Patrick is with his friends and Niall and his friend Alfie have my husband trailing behind them. He doesn't want him there because he thinks he is old enough to walk the streets at night but he had no choice.
I'm off to next doors party for a few hours soon, but will come back at 10 for the draw.

Had loads of kids knock already and now totally out of sweets, so they are getting skeletons instead. And its only 7pm already. Wish i had bought more now.
I also made lots of printouts for the little ones to make halloween decorations when they get home. I made them look like scrolls. I've heard loads of them say to their mum i've given them treasure maps and they have been all excited with them, lol.
Oh to be little!

Here's some pics of the pumpkins i carved with Patrick. Had a little bit of a fire happen too with one of the candle jars and when i moved it the whole jar exploded.
So i put it out with water and the kids going by loved all the smoke which looked like a cauldron.
Heres some pics.

Nikki xxx


  1. Brilliant pumpkins and those kids were so lucky to knock your door and get 'treasure' :0)
    Hope you had a great time at the party
    Julia xx

  2. I love the carved pumpkins, great faces! lol

    We've had a lot of children knocking too, we've not run out of goodies yet, but hard to eat your Chinese meal and answer the door! lol
    Hope the party is great fun too!
    Michelle xx

  3. The pumpkins look amazing nikki and love all the jars too, bet the kids thought it was brilliant at your house! What a cool idea to give them printables, always good to have something for them to do when all the fun of trick or treating is at an end......theyll be back in their drones next year as word goes round!!lol Kate and John xx

  4. Amazing jack o'lanterns! I wish there was a lady like you on my block when I was little...
    Happy Halloween!


  5. The Pumpkins look great Nikki. You and Patrick did a great job, especially with the pumpkin vomit.. LOL.. Hope you have a great time at the party.. Happy Halloween...xx

  6. Love the photos nikki,especially the pumpkin with the sick.....eeuuw ! LOL
    Last night we were the street that halloween forgot and I have a whole load of halloween goodies left uneaten !! I think this was partly because I had no time to carve my usual pumpkin and we have lots of scroogey neighbours LOL
    Hmmm, anyone for a chocolate eyeball ???
    julie xxxx

  7. Glad you all are having a great time.
    Love those pumpkins LMAO
    Debie xxxxx

  8. Un petit bonjour de France.

    Excusez moi de ne pas m'exprimer dans votre langue, que je parle très très mal, mais je voulais vous dire que j'adore ce que vous faites. vos créations sont superbes, mais surtout elles m'ont fait rêver !
    Merci beaucoup.

  9. Hi Tabata.

    Thank you for your kind words and nice to meet you.

    Nikki xxx

    J'ai utilisé un traducteur pour convertir pour vous dans français. J'espère qu'il est sensé.

    Salut Tabata.

    Merci pour vos mots gentils et agréable pour vous rencontrer.

  10. Hi Debbie.

    Oh lol!
    Hope the kids had a nice halloween.

    Nikki xxx

  11. Hi Julie.

    At least you have them to eat yourself. I'm quite a chocolate and sweets fan so could eat them no bother.

    Nikki xxx

  12. Hi Debbie.

    Thank you!

    Lovely pics on your blog of the pumpkins today1

    Nikki xxx

  13. Hi Susan. I wish there were nice houses when i was a kid too! It really wasn't a happening thing here when i was a child, so my mum always held a party with horrible activities.
    Plus she made a money cake and you would pray you got all the 10p's, lol.
    I think money cakes are an irish thing and nothig to do with halloween.

    Nikki xxx

  14. Hi Kate and John.

    Nice to hear from you considering you are ill.
    Hope you are better soon!

    Nikki xxx

  15. Hi Michelle.

    Hope they didnt empty the sweet tray. I like a few spares for myself.
    Hope you managed to eat dinner too, lol.

    Nikki xxx

  16. Hi Julia.
    Not too great treasure because i had to be stingy with the sweets.
    I did buy enough, but during the week my own children have been pinching them unknown to me.
    Hope you had a nice night!
    Nikki xxx


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