Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Miniatura Goodies

Can you believe lazy old me that can never get out of bed got up at 4 am on Saturday morning. Which is even more unbelievable because i didn't go to sleep until 1am.
The journey to miniatura took me three and a half hours, yet i was there in what seemed like a flash. Debie from Piskies and Poppets met me off the train.
She was ever so brave to give me a big hug because all i did the whole of Saturday was sneeze and cough with a cold (seemed more like flue to me).
It was really lovely to meet up with Debie and spend the day with such a lovely kind, generous and ever so thoughtful person.
Anyway, i pottered about scaring everyone to death with my sneezing and not many would go within 2 ft of me, lol.
This is what i bought:

Quite a mix of various minis for using in my work. I don't buy in bulk and so fairs are great for my work.

Cute little birds and hinges and handles etc.

Kate and John from asked me to pick up this beautiful bookstand from Karin at I need to post this to you in the morning Kate. Sorry i'm a little late doing so.

Karin could not attend the show herself because she is not well at the moment. I was really looking forward to meeting her too because i adore everything she makes.

After the show i went to Debies to meet her family and have tea. I didn't want to come home because i was having such a nice time. Debies children are fab, her husband is lovely, but i really adored little Kieran that doesn't stop chatting away.
His chatting is endless but he's so cute and such a lovely little boy. I could have taken him home! They all made me very welcome and tea was lovely even though i couldnt taste a thing with my cold. Debbie asked me if it was nice, lol, but i didnt have a clue because my taste buds were totally not there!
Thank you Debie for a lovely time!

I came home quite late and my husband met me off the train just over half way. He then got lost and what should have been an hours journey took two. He always gets lost and has no sense of direction even though the M25 sign posts were clearly there. Hit my pillow once home and didn't wake up until 12 hours later.

On Sunday my husband and Patrick went to a game show and bought me a tripod for my camera and some fudge. As if i am not fat enough!
I just need to get a clicker now (not sure of the technical name) and will hopefully be able to take better pictures.

This morning i had a wonderful surprise. My friends Bob and Doreen sent me a fab parcel of watering cans and flower pots for my mandrake scenes.
I knew they were sending me some but not this many. I love all of them and chuffed to bits i can make what i want now.
They also sent loads of terracotta plant pots which i'm ever so happy about because they were the size i was after. Thank you Bob and Doreen.

Here is a link to Bobs website. My fave there is his enamelware.

And here is a link to Doreen website. Doreen stock a wide variety of minis.

And Finally, lol, check out this fab sculpture. It's fab isn't it?
Very touchy feely too!


  1. i would say you have a very busy day!oh, i'm so looking foward to visiting a new fair...lucky you!

  2. Wonderful stuff Nikki! And thanks for the links to the sites. I absolutely adore that bookstand....what a beautiful piece. I looked at both the sites for the watering cans but didn't see them...are they made only for you? (you lucky duck, if they are). I like the enamelware. (I have some from a long time ago) and think I might order the pitcher to add to the "collection". Cannot wait to see what you do with all your great "finds".


    PS: hope you are feeling better!

  3. Sounds like a great day! Okay, maybe the cold wasn't so great... Hope you feel better soon!
    That wizard sculpture really IS fab! But eeehhmmm wouldn't he grow branches eventually?

  4. Oh, my, what a wonderful post and GOODIES you got! I love that bookstand you picked up for Kate!! That sculpture is AWESOME!

    A "clicker?" On your camera there is probably a timer that you can set it to. Mine has two one for 10 seconds and one for 2 seconds. THe one thing I'm constantly misplacing is the "gizzmo" LOL that you attach to the camera that attaches to the tripod. Don't LOSE that, LOL

    I hope you're feeling better.


  5. Are you feeling better yet Nikki?
    Your goodies are wonderful, ,love those different iron pieces and the little birds. Ill have to ask you the name of the maker of those , wouldnt they look great in the Snow White house! That kettle is gorgeous too!
    Thankyou again Nikki for picking up the bookstand, so great of you! Its is actually a different one to the one I chose but its still great, and love the teapot hanging. I think it will have to go with Priscilla Pinkerton in the Potter kitchen now and not the haunted house! You are an absolute treasure and you post only when you are up to it, no rush.
    Your watering vcans are so beautiful too, your are lucky!
    We hope to meet Debie and you at a show soon, I think we would all be a hoot together!
    Keep warm and well.Kate and John xxxx

  6. Hi Begona. Yes, a really busy day.
    Hope you get to visit a new fair soon. It's worth the effort getting to one.
    Nikki xxx

  7. Hi Susan. I think they were stock bob and doreen had for a while.
    I like enamelware too because it goes so well with witchy minis, especially if nicely rusted up.
    If you read the comment from kate below, i know you said you love the bookstand but looks like i picked up the wrong one. I feel awful now.
    I was sure it was the right one and off in a sec with a thousand apologies... oops!
    Nikki xxx

  8. Hi Lireal. I doubt the tree stump would because its been taken back from all the branches that would perhaps form shoots.
    I dont have a clue where this tree is but think its beautiful!
    Nikki xxx

  9. Hi Marsha. My husband said to use the timer but i like clicking away in various positions to get the best picture possible for me. So i reckon a clicker is what i now need. I'll be able to click to my hearts content, lol.
    With all the wires i now have it will just be one more to tangle with the others.
    Feeling much better now, thank you.
    Nikki xxx

  10. Ok Kate, i am going to email you. I feel terrible i've picked up the wrong one. I studied everything that was there and thought i'd pick right.
    Emailing you now.
    Nikki xxx

  11. Hi Nikki, you had great time and so many lovely goodies. I love everything but mostly the little birds, absolutely cute. Did you rest enough before being thrown again into daily life? Have a nice evening Rosanna

  12. Nikki I know Ive emailed you but want to make sure I let everyone know your SUCH an angel and you didnt pick the wrong one!!!I emailed Karin and then she had to phone her freind who was already in the UK to hold by the one with the yellow bottle. I asked for the other one with the flowery pictures but it is quite understandable that the poor lady didnt understand especially with the whole language barrier too!!
    So I guess she put by this one, but its still FAB!!! I love it and thankyou SOOOOOOO much for picking it up for me and for posting it. I feel terrible you think you messed up cos you didnt at all!! In fact Im excited to have it as a recipie book in the kitchen of the Potter house as I dont have one. So I have smacked my hand and so has John for making you feel you got it wrong, and I should read my postings better before pressing the button so you dont read it that way!! Big Hugs
    Kate xxxx

  13. How is you cold Nikki! I hope that you feel better.
    Sounds like a fabolous Saturday. I am happy because you had a great time
    All the goodies that you bought are great and also the gifts.

  14. I am glad you had such a good time Nikki. I had the best time at Miniatura that I have EVER had. I am glad you are feeling better now.
    Doreen and Bob are lovely it was great. You are welcome to our home anytime and you were a big hit with the family. Heres to the next trip and I promise not to chat with everything that moves LOL
    Debie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Im glad you got to go to the show even thought you had that dreadful cold!hope that is clearing up now!
    Oh I do love those little watering cans so cute
    Lovely things you found, those blue jugs and ladels,cute!
    Im going to be busy now looking up all the folks and their gorgeous minis!

  16. I love all of your little treasures you found! Especially the hinges and the pots! I hope your feeling better.

  17. Hello Nikki, hope you are okay now, it was lovely to see you and Debie at Miniatura but you did look just full of cold by the end of the day !
    That book stand is just fabulous, I want one !!! and you bought some lovely goodies too :0)
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time.I did too and am just recovering now from all the talking LOL
    julie xxx

  18. sul mio blog c'è un premio per te.

  19. Hi Nikki,
    thank you so much for your help and I hope you are feeling better.
    I am sad that we can`t see us at the Miniatura in person, but hopeful to see you next year there ((-:
    Hugs from Karin

  20. What a fun collection of goodies! You must lead quite the creative life! Love the tree sculpture too. If I ever need to remove a tree from my yard, that is what I would want done with the stump!

  21. Nikki,there is a blog award waiting for you on my blog!

    Mini hugs, Paloma


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