Friday, 2 October 2009

Ephemera and vintage images - Off to Miniatura

I'm off to Miniatura in the morning and meeting up with Debie from Piskies and Poppets
Its going to be a really early start but even so i am looking forward to it loads.
I'm even going to Debies for tea. Hope she can cook, lol!

Quite a few people have asked where i got the little letters, envelopes and postacards from that i put in the witchy cupboard.

Quite a lot of images are available if you search using google images. You need to look under vintage letters, vintage envelopes and postcards, vintage labels etc.
You can also type in as above with ephemera inplace of vintage.
You can even narrow your search to specifics such as halloween, thanks giving and christmas etc.

Here is a sample of a few i found ever so quick to show you what is available. Not all of the images can be copied but some are free to use as you wish.
Some of the images are from digital stock and are sold as digital images.

For the images that are free to copy just paste them into word or a picture editing programme and resize.

You can also stain your paper with tea and coffee before printing. The possibilities are endless and in no time cupboards and drawers can be filled with lots of interesting little finds.

I love the sewing one! The little child one with the clothes to dress a doll is beautiful too!


  1. Thank you Nikki for the printies! Have a fab time! Say hi to Deb & Julie for me! Can't wait to see what you all come home with!

  2. OI of course I can cook LOL. Homemade lasagna for tea, it will be prepared by my little hands in the morning before I come meet you at the station. I brought posh knives and forks and a new table cloth (the plastic ones were a bit tatty lmao).

    See you torrow

    Debie xxxxxx

  3. OOOhhh whats for pud???!!!! Have a great time you two. I cant wait to see what you come back with also. Hope you dont come back in agony like the other fair nikki, fingers crossed for you that its a great day. Im so jealous!
    and a huge thankyou for these printies, I will have fun making little letters and cards for the houses thanks to you. Kate xx

  4. Pudding, ooooooooops didnt think of pudding. Will a rich tea biscuit with butter and jam on do? LOL

    Debie xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Oooh! Thanks for the printables!! Been looking for letters! :-)

  6. Have loads of fun....and make sure she cleaned the oven ;-)

    Wish I was still living at home and could come :-(

  7. Thank you Nikki I know how long it takes to search out these item, and thank you for all your help!

  8. Thank you Nikki for sharing! The sewing printies are mine favorite too!
    * marlies

  9. Thank you very much for sharing and thanks for the recommendations. Everything is great.
    Congratulations. Hugs.

  10. Rats! I know I left a message earlier.... lucky are you to go to such a great mini show! And with such a good friend. As Pooh says, it's always better with two! Enjoy and bring pix back if you can.
    Oh, and I'm sure Debie's a fine cook....


  11. I am envious! I had a lovely time when I had tea at Debies, and am sure you will have a fantastic time together too. Wish I was well enough to go to Min too :o( grumble, grumble ......

  12. Wonderful printies and wonderful Halloween cupboards and goodies! Thank you for sharing. I'm behind catching up with everyone around.

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  13. Oh you and deb are sooo lucky. I wish I were able to travel to Miniatura! Have fun and come back with lots of goodies!


  14. Thanks a lot for sharing the printables!! I love the little doll one with dresses. It's so cute..!!


  15. Love the little printies!! Can never have enough of those!! And those book covers are so pretty! I have been digging through everything around here, copying every enevolope I can find, to add more character to may house. Luckily my Mom had saved all that for me:)

    So, I really stopped by to tell you I was thinking of you today:) I have been making real candles for the dollhouse....and I'm using crayons to color them........and then today, I found it!! A Robin's Egg Blue crayon!!! I will get pictures up sometime....but just wanted to tell you they're really pretty!!


  16. Thank you thank you Nikki. How was Miniatura? I am sure you and Deb had the greatest fun. Please, the pics!!!

  17. Oh how I LOVE vintage ephemera! Thank you so much for sharing these images Nikki, I know too well how long it takes to find just the right pictures.

  18. Lovely printies, Thanks so much


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