Saturday, 26 September 2009

Wooden sink in the making and wash tubs!

I thought i would give you a preview of what i'm busy making.

I decided this just as it was getting dark so excuse the bad photos.

First off there is the table with faces on the legs. Ignore the string which is just there to pull the legs back into place. I need to make them straight because they warped slightly during baking. I need to pop the table back in the oven with the string, heat up, remove and let them set again in the right position.
Not ure if i will continue to make this into a washing table or just leave as it is.

Here's the little wash tubs made to look like tree stumps. I need to fill these with dirty rags, bubbles and resin and push the prodding sticks in. I'm quite pleased with them. Hoping my ideas of the bubbles and rags works. Its all trial and error at the moment. Perhaps i should practise first.

Because i was happy with the tubs and table i decided to make a sink. Its only the base at the moment and need to make a face for this and then add the bark. If it works and i'm happy i'll make a bath and toilet to match with a beauty cabinet too.
I shall post pictures of these when they are made.

On Monday or Tuesday i will be taking all my photos and listing some new items on etsy Thursday evening. I will list them around 8pm UK Time.

I have a few things on the go at the moment which is why i'm a bit slow actually selling anything. Hopefuly if my plans work there will be no more gaps in my selling like there has been


  1. Your work always surprise me!! It is amazing how you can sculpt these little faces. I love that table!

  2. Nikki, those are the coolest things I've seen in a long time! What a clever girl you are. I think they are fabulous! Is everything made out of polymer clay??

  3. Hi Eva. Just 6 months ago i couldn't do faces and its been fun learning. I think everyone should have a go at faces because it really good fun learning.
    I never plan anything and just go with what ever happens. Quite a lot go totally wrong.
    I am glad you like the table.
    Nikki xxx

  4. Hi Susan. Yes i've used polymer for everything apart from the top part of the table. But i have used wood on the base of the sink for extra strength. I love doing something new to me and experimenting.
    I used prosculp too because i find it much better than all the other brands.It always does what i want. I know its meant to be for doll making but its much better than fimo and the other makes in my opinion.Plus the block is massive and much better value in the long run.
    Off to make the base for the bath too, lol.

    Nikki xxx

  5. Love it all Nikki. I was going to ask that too about is it made from fimo, its incredibly like wood all of it. Well done, cant wait to see the finished results. Love the washing bowls too, so cool! Kate and John xx

  6. I love how it looks like real wood! I cant wait to see the tubs finished! On the table legs- are the eyes pained on or do you have really small glass eyes? You always have such neat ideas~ :)

  7. Nikki WOW these are so cool and original, they are going to go down really well. WONDERFUL.
    Debie xxxxxxxxx

  8. You're making those out of clay!
    WOW they are really fantastic I really like the table with the facelegs! lol
    Your so clever!
    I never thought about making furniture out of clay!
    What type do you use for that? how does it stay together till you bake it?
    Oops lotsa questions!

  9. OOps I just saw the other post!
    Using wood as a base is a great idea!
    I found some prosculpt the other day on ebay to make a doll and I thought I would never use it all, so I didn't buy it but now I see I could extend the use of it!
    You have fantastic ideas!

  10. Fabulous Nikki :0) I cant sing the praises of prosculpt loud enough !! Its the only clay I ever found that does what I want it to when i want it to and is reliable.
    Love that table and the washpots are fab,
    julie xxx

  11. They are brilliant, Nikki. I can't wait to see the end result. I love the washtubs.
    Julia :0)x

  12. You are so good. I love everything you make. I've been going through a dry spell. Had flu, etc. Watching other artists is waking up my creative juice, thanks. Judy

  13. That table and washtubs are fantastic. I just love the faces - what detail! I can't wait to see what you do with the sink.

  14. Hi Kate and John. Yes its all polymer clay. I just cant stop playing with the stuff and trying new things.
    The sink is baking as i type. Can't wait to paint it. Sad i know but ever so excited.

    Nikki xxx

  15. Hi Lori. The eyes are polymer with just a hole in the middle and painted white. Although for all new work from now on i won't do the hole and paint them instead. I think they will be better painted.
    Just have a play around with clay and scratch and score all the lines in to make the wood. Use different sized needles to do so.

    Nikki xxx

  16. Hi Debie. Gald you like them. They are not hard to make but just time consuming doing all the wood grain. Got in a pickle with the sink once the face was done and holding it all in a way it isnt squashed as you work. I now know i should have put a wooden pole in the base to hold onto right at the start. Lesson learned, lol.

    Nikki xxx

  17. Hi Deni. You can adhere polymer staright to wood, and more often than not it clings onto the surface. If you want to try things like this just experiment. If the clay does not cling to the wood give the wood a light layer of pva/white glue and while still damp wrap the clay around or press on if its a flat surface.
    I would imagine you could also use liquid clay like fimo make but pva works just as well.
    You can also make a rough base from polymer to the shape needed and bake. Once baked you can cover the work in more clay and then sculpt.
    A good firm base is best because if its all soft its all harder to hold and work with.
    If you can get the prosculpt you won't be dissapointed. I've tried all the clays but this one is my favourite. It does what you want it to do, scores well, smoothes well and is beautiful to work with.
    It doesnt matter which colour you get either because it will all be painted anyway.
    If you ever want advice just email me. You can find it on my blog sidebar where my facebook is showing. I'm still learning but its good to share what you know.
    I love the house you are making and will try and pop to your blog later.
    Nikki xxx

  18. Hi Julie. I sing its praises too. Its fabulous and so glad i bought the pack when making the wizard. Its great for everything and not only dolls.
    I keep meaning to visit you blog and in awe of all your recent work. I dont know where the time vanishes to every day!
    I have visited and meant to leave a comment but each time something happens and then i don't.
    I love the witch with the mushroom book. I would be so proud of her if she was mine!
    I'd spend all day just looking at her and smiling.
    I think my time must vanish, lol, spending all day just looking at my mini's.

    Nikki xxx

  19. Hi Julia. Glad you like them. I've moved onto some other tree stump work like scroll holders and washing baskets. Getting addicted to them now.
    The sink is baking, can't wait to paint it. Took me hours to do all the little lines but has been worth it. I think i spent 4 hours just doing the lines, lol.
    Oops, doing the lines doesn't sound good does it, sniff, sniff.
    You have some beautiful minis on ebay and etsy at the moment. Hope your halloween sales go well.
    Nikki xxx

  20. Hi Judy. I was thinking yesterday you have been very quiet. Hope you are over your flue now and feeling better.
    Have you been doing any of your sculpting? Hope so!
    Nice to see you back!
    Nikki xxx

  21. Hi Doreen. Thank you. I too can't wait for the sink. It took ages to make and really pleased with it so far.
    I was going to make a bath but now having second thoughts if i should. Can you imagine making all the lines for a bath tub? Would send me insane i think.

    Best wishes, Nikki xxx

  22. Hi Nikki, I got and now I nominate you for the kreativ blogger, you can look for details on my blog, love Andrea

  23. Nikki, they look graet! Love that table, now it tickles me to try also, but I have sooo much work to do. Mabe once..........
    * marlies


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