Saturday, 26 September 2009

Gifts are ready to send!

Just to let you all know the gifts are now ready to send to Debbie I plan to send on Monday. They should be with her on Tuesday/Wednesday.
Sadly the gift from Marlies at has either been lost in the post or is still on its way. Keeping my fingers crossed it comes Monday morning and i can quickly pop it in with the other gifts.
Once the gifts have arrived with Debbie i will put some pictures of the gifts here.
I've taken the photos but won't put them here incase Debbies gets to have a peep.
I will put the pictures here on wednesday/thursday.

Here are all the names of everyone involved in the second parcel:

1. *Ana Anselmo at
2. * Eva at
3. * Linda at
4. * Jonna at
5. * April Wright at
6. * Kathi at
7 * Shannon Conway at
8. * Savannah Kelb at
9. * Debie at
10. * Mercedes at
11. * Kathleen Denny at
12. * Katie at
13. * Sabiha at
14. * Stephanie kilglast at

If anyone else has sent a gift and your name is not here could you let me know. From what i can tell all the gifts are now here.
I know a few of you are sending directly to Debbie yourself and so far i know this is

Casey at
Jodi and Richard at

Thank you to everyone for being so kind and all your best wishes for Debbie.

Also quite a few of you have emailed me to ask how Debbie is because you have not seen any news on her blog recently.
I have spoken to her this week and she is doing well, she is in good spirits and where she should be at this stage of her recovery.
I will phone Debbie tomorrow to say i am posting all of your gifts. Its going to be a lovely surprise and wish i could show you whats in the box.
All the gifts are beautiful and looking forward to knowing they arrive safely.

Nikki xxx


  1. Wonderful news! Glad to hear that Debbie is doing well and the gifts will be on their way.
    Thanks again Nikki, for doing this! You are the BEST!

  2. Nikki you have done a great job organising this for Debbie you are a very special person. ((((((( hugs )))))))

    Debie xxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Kathi. Thank you for joining in too, everyone has been really kind. Won't be long now until i can send. Just hoping the lost one or late one arrives in time.
    Nikki xx

  4. Thank you Debie. I feel like a post lady, lol.
    Its been great fun having everyones gifts arrive and getting to see what everyone makes. You dont always get to see all the minis we see on each others blogs and its been lovely to see them first hand. But especially nice that i can now send them to Debbie.
    thank you for joining in and your beautiful gift.
    Nikki xxx

  5. Thanks Nikki, so good to know Debbie is recovering well :0)
    You are such a good soul. I can imagine Debbie feeling like a child at xmas and that just has to be good for recovery :0)
    julie xxx

  6. Thank you Nikki for all your effort!I hope she will like the pressents and cheer her up!

    Hugs, sabiha

  7. I am happy she is doing well. Miss her blog. Please tell her she is loved by her readers.


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