Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Gifts For Debbie Have Arrived - Gifts for me too!

Yesterday i posted the gifts for Debbie at which arrived with her today. I phoned earlier to check if the parcel arrived which it had, but she was waiting for the boys to come home from school so they could all open everything together.
Here are the pictures with all the gifts from the second parcel.

Thank you to everyone for joining in with all of your beautiful gifts. I never expected so many of you to take part and once again i'm shocked at just how many kind and wonderful people there are in blogland.

I am sure later today or tomorrow Ben will put some more pictures on Debbies blog.

Sadly Marlies at sent a gift which has not arrived. It must have been lost in the post which is such a shame. Marlies has now sent a new gift and will forward it onto Debbie. Thank you Marlies.

I know when Debbie is able to she will thank all of your herself. I know she really appreciates this too!

Gifts for me too!

I have waited to send the last of the gifts to take photos of the gifts i also received. These gifts were a lovely surprise and i never expected anything for myself.

Kim from sent me a box of chocolates. I love chocolate and these were delicious. I have a very sweet tooth and ate them all straight away. Thank you Kim.

Katie at sent me a cabinet/hutch, two lovely little bowls, some glass potion bottles and some clock faces.
I love everything and plan on turning the hutch into a spooky cabinet with faces on each door. The clock faces i will make some nice clocks with, the bowls are for my witches house and the bottles i will make potions in. I love the bowls and they are amazing! Thank you Katie.

Debie at Piskies and poppets sent me some fab glass bottles and two tables which her husband Steve made. The table i have turned into a potion table was like the one behind and quite happy with what i've done so far. I have a few more bits to finish for the table.
The tables Steve makes are brilliant and really strong which has been perfect for the amount of bashing i did to it. Thank you Debie and Steve!

Kat at Sent me a beautiful little pumpkin teapot which will go in my witches kitchen. The witches house is on hold and hoping i can work on it soon. Thank you Kat for thinking of me too!

Susan at Sent me this fabulous telescope which will go in my witches bedroom for star gazing. It's beatiful and she is ever so clever to have made this in such detail. Thank you ever so much Susan.

Thank you to everybody for all these beautiful mini's. They were all a lovely surprise!


  1. Amazing!! Wonderful little treasures for Debbie...and also for you!!
    Thanks again Nikki for coordinate this mesh and as you said it is nice to check that there are a lot of people that want to help.

  2. Wow, what wonderful gifts for both of you!
    That little magic set for Debbie is cool! Love the fairy wrapping paper!
    And your telescope Nikki, spectacular!
    Have fun finding homes for your gifts.
    Kate and John xx

  3. Congratulations to you Nikki, for doing something so wonderful for some-one else...(for dear Debbie),while I guess with some of us the thought of doing something like this may have crossed our minds....but you acually acted on it and made it made it very easy for all of us to take part..thank you.

    "THREE CHEERS for NIKKI" !!!

    ...I do hope you are very proud of this act of kindness...!!!

    Kindest Regards,
    Linda x

  4. Nikki such wonderful things for you and Debbie. You are most welcome. Steve has saved me quite a few pennies on the table front LOL.
    Debie xxxxxx

  5. Thank you Nikki,for making this possible for Debbie!
    You are a very kind person,and you can be very proud about your am I!


  6. So glad Debbie has recieved the last of her 'toys' !! And thank-you again for organizing this! You truly are an amazing friend!!

    And so glad you like the bowls:) They're probally one of my favorites, too:) Love all the other little gifts you thoughtful of everyone, huh!!! What a great group of ladies!!! So talented!!! :)



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