Saturday, 4 July 2009


Yesterday i made a nice batch of pond scum potion jars (oops forgot the picture).
While working with green i took this whole sink unit apart, sanded down, assembled again and made nice and dirty. I still have to work on the green a little.
I'm sure witches wash their dishes and clothes and where better than a sink full of slime.
Hope you're all not wiltering in this heat.

Check out this ladies fab blog - PrimGirl .
The lady makes all her dolls from scratch and i love them to bits. Wish i had an excuse to buy one for myself.
Here's a little peep.


  1. The sink looks great Nikki. Are you going to fill it with dirty dishes? or maybe a dirty cauldron? xx

  2. Hi Debbie. I dont have enough of all the right things so going to leave it like this. I might do a few little things like t-towels and maybe a few jars etc. Oh yes, and a dirty cracked bar of soap and maybe some dish cloths. If i put plates in then i'll need to put all the other stuff too.

  3. Don't forget to post piccies of your pond scum potion jars..xx

  4. That sink unit is great! Did you buy it or make it? I'd also like to see the pond scum potion jars....

  5. Nikki love that sink :O) Yup pond scum jar pics please.
    I also love those dolls, started off making little rag dolls x
    Debie xxxxx

  6. Hi Nikki, it WORKS again !!!! It must have been the player !!!Yippie I can visit your blog again !I loved that player, but love your blog much more ! I really missed seeing you and your works! :o)

    Primgirl is great ,I´m the proud owner of one of her Annies !

    Aaaaaaaaaaand I love that sink too! hoo hoo can´t wait what kind of magic you will add to it ;o)I´m pretty sure you won´t let it empty, LOL


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