Friday, 3 July 2009

Can you help with my glue problem?

I've tried several glues, none of which are proving to be strong enough to hold down the jars on my potion and potting tables.
I need to know i can stick something to the table and it wont budge during posting to a buyer.
I'm not too worried about the potion tables because i plan to sell each table with the items not glued down, but the potting table i need to secure everything to.
Its mostly glass and pots that refuse to stay put under pressure.
All the tables will be packed in a box inside a bigger box with lots of protection but i still fear the glass items will snap off.
Super glue is no good either with the glass jars coming off too eaily and then leaving nasty marks on the furniture.
I need something you need to take major power tools to for removal. Only then will i be happy and content to post.
Thanks in advance for any advice.


  1. I use a glue which keeps Swarowsky cristal stuck togeher when glued. I buy it from Bindels Ornament, they are Austrian and they sell on line.Up to now it is the only one as fast as I wish. May be it could work out for you as well.

  2. Nikki...I've been using a glue called E6000 for my table/cabinet projects. It was recommended to me by a lady who teaches a fused glass jewelry class. It is supposed to work for glass to glass, metal to metal, etc. I use it for my pieces made with the metal watchworks and glass beads. Superglue doesn't work for those things because the bond is brittle...and even the tiniest drop can discolor certain beads and metals. I still use Tacky for paper and leather to wood, though. The cabinet I recently sold was mailed to Nantucket by the buyer himself without anything falling off. I know the way you pack things and this glue (if you can get it) should work. I used it to attached any metal or glass object to the shelf. It is a "sticky" glue that sets up fairly fast and gets stronger as it cures. It should cure for 24hrs before you mail anything.

    You could experiment a bit by gluing some old bits of any glass to a piece a wood and banging it around...see what happens. :-)

  3.'s info on both of these adhesives.

  4. Hi Nikki....I've used the E6000 to glue marbles to canvas....and it worked great!! And it dries clear:) Good luck with it!!


  5. I use E6000 and love it. I used it to stick some trim onto an old car and it worked. A real car.

  6. I would also recommend E6000. I use it on my jewelry and it works great! Best of luck!


  7. I also like E6000... its stinky tho. I also use Loctite All purpose adhesive (loctite makes other strengths too) and it's cheap... you can get it at walmart in the hardware/house paint section.

  8. Thank you all for your advice, tips and links.
    I've not heard of this glue before but it seems it's the best one to buy.
    Thanks loads! Nikki x

  9. If you want them to still be removable, you might want to try a florist product called Stickum / Sure Stik . Sold in tape form (you can probably ask a florist for a sample) it is a very sticky paste that will hold in cold (freezing) and underwater. I use small amounts to stick vases and stoneware pots to the insides of acrylic cases when I mail my tiny plants. Only thing that will hold in an unheated airplane cargo bay. As it gives a bit the items don't release in a big jolt like dried glue does. When I have the item secure in it's box, I wrap tissue around the plant and pot (inside the acrylic box) to hold it in place. Has been great, and clients are pleased they can remove it. (cleans up with a bit of mineral oil)



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