Monday, 6 July 2009

He's done... yipee!!! The Mandrake Potting Broom.

Months and months ago i made this silver birch broom and then put him in my box of unfinished miniatures while i thought up what to do with him.
Then after many suggestions from everyone here in blogland i went with the idea given by Wendie from WendiesMiniWorld.
So, he has become a mandrake potting broom that scuttles around the witches garden doing the jobs she has no time for.
Thank you Wendie for the most perfect idea.
I need to work on taking a good photo but for the time being thought you may like a little preview.
I normally take photos with a white background but the white is not working with the colour of his bark. Any suggestions for taking his picture would be welcome.
He still needs a name so will have to have a good think on that too.


  1. He is wonderful! I love the idea of him scuttling about doing the work that the witch has no time for- I love his "bottom" and tummy too!

  2. (Going to try this again becasue I don't think it worked)

    The broom is Fab! I just read an article in an old DHM mag that suggested using a pale blue background when photographing minis.

  3. Wow and he wouldn't need earmuffs! :D

  4. Hes fabulous, such a great idea, Kate and John xx

  5. Really Darling Nikki...ruened out so well...

    Decided not to add the little 'mushrooms' or 'toady stools' hanging off the roots?

    Thanks for sharing


  6. Oh Neat!!! He looks really good Nikki!!! I have a hard time photographing white, too.....

  7. He looks busy :)
    Love how he turned out.

  8. I love it!! Specially his face expression!!

  9. Thank you all for the nice comments.
    It's wonderful when you finally finish a miniature that has left you baffled for quite some time. I hope he finds a nice new witchy house to move to.
    Thank you Susan for the suggestion of a light blue background. I will give that a try.


  10. I love it! so funny and it looks so keen in its job.

  11. I'm in love hes lovely xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Been watching for the finished version, and now to get to the root of the question - of course the obvious name is Manny but that's just me. Mary, Lady Lavendar

  13. Nikki he's turned out really well, what a brilliant idea from

  14. Absolutely love him, Nikki.
    Brill idea.

  15. He is absolutely wonderful! Perhaps a purple background? You are so creative.


  16. Nikki,
    I love him.. You did a wonderful job bringing him to life. As for a witchy home.. I don't own one yet but he is welcome to come and do the things I never get the chance to complete (cleaning). LOL Never enough time in a day.
    Thanks for sharing him.

  17. Me encanta todos tus trabajos. Estos estan realmente incleibles, ellos estan vivos.
    Saludos. Angeles.

  18. Brilliant.....what a great idea and oyu pulled it off so very well.

  19. Hey! Your mandrake is very cool! Did you design it yourself? Wow!
    Greetings from Spain!

  20. I've been a bit slack recently answering everyones comments.
    I'm so glad you all like the silver birch broom and the mandrake scene.
    Its great to get such lovely feedback and ever so appreciated.
    Acuatica, you asked if i designed this myself.
    This was my third broom and i just played around and ended up with his tummy, belly and face. I didnt plan him and just went with whatever happened.
    He's is one of the minis i love the best.

  21. He is so creative and just plain exquisite! Great job Nikki!


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