Thursday, 2 July 2009

Potting bench.

Its been so hot the last few days and not got a lot done. I've also been battling to use my desk against hoards of kids taking refuge from the sun.
Its 30 + in my garden and i think just as hot in my work room. All my clay feels like butter and so have not had much success with making mandrakes and other little fillers for potion jars.
Nearly got this potting table complete but going to take a break now, somehow tidy my tip of a house and have a cold bath.
I know it can be hotter elsewhere in the world but being a snow and ice lover i just wilt and moan all day.
So looking forward to icy cold days.


  1. Ooohhh it looks fab :-)

    You've had it as hot as us these last few days....only difference is we have little humidity and air con just aren't geared up for heat like this over there.

    And I'd take 20 degrees hotter with little humidity that what you have with almost 50% is that which kills you.

  2. Im the same Nikki, people go to me ' Oh are you one of these people that moan when we get hot weather ' and YEP I am cos I hate it, I come out in awful heat rash, get hayfever, have to spend all day slathering children in cream and stopping them being irritable in the yes i prefer the winter so much more. Definatly an Autumn, Winter person!
    The table looks amazing, love the sack, do you make them yourself or buy them and fill them? Love how you make the roots too.
    Only another few days and its supposed to get cooler yahoo!! Kate and John xxx

  3. Nikki, this is fabulous...I like it so much that I have printed the picture and pasted it in my notebook! I will never be able to do such a thing ^_^ I HAD to give you my compliments (my superfavourites are the mushies =^-^=!!!)

  4. I hear ya about the weather. It's 100F where I live. That's 37.78C!! I'm melting......

  5. Beautiful. I love every detail of it. If it can be of any help here is 32° with a 60% degree of humidity. I'm even glad to go to work since there is air conditioning. There is a give away at my blog, do you want to join it?

  6. Hey Nikki....great potting benches!! Sorry to hear about the heat. It's dang hot here too plus we get the humidity. I don't mind it too much but then I do have A/C, so I'm fortunate. I don't know how anyone live here before that invention. Dress light, drink lots of fluids, and keep the fans going.

  7. The potting table looks great. I keep looking for your tables on your etsy site. I really admire your work.

  8. Nikki that table is superb!!!! Love it and all the detail. I dont like hot weather either. Give me a spring or autumn day anytime. I had a nap on the sofa this afternoon so I can do some work later when its cooler, when that will be I dont know LOL.
    Debie xxxxxxxx

  9. Hi Jayne (Tallulah). Yes, i know, its so humid here, not a bit a wind and no air conditioning.
    Mind you i always get sore eyes with air conditioning. See, told you i always moan... lol.

    Hi Kate and John. I'm so that person. I hate, hate, hate summer and come out in rashes too. I get sore eyes and itchy skin and huff and puff until August. It also makes my hair like cotton wool and have totally given up until august now... lol.
    My ideal holiday would be in the snow.
    You can make the sacks easily. Some i have bought and some i have made. Before i folded and crumpled i stained the cloth a mucky colour so it was a bit patchy. I used acrylics really watered down. Then i brushed here and there with the same paint mix to make the bottom dirtier. Then a light wash with green here and there so it looked damp.
    Then i folded the to over and glued in place from the inside with pva so it would hold that shape. Once that was dry i filled with grond tea. Just used my pestle and mortar to make the tea finer. I mix the tea into pva so its really thick then push into the bags. Then do a little layer of pva brushed over this and sprinkle with a topping of tea.
    You really would think it was soil.

    Hi Eva. Glad you like it. Its not really hard to do and make look old, damp and used etc. Its just time consuming.
    If you ever want any advice always email me and i will be happy to help.
    I'm still learning myself and improve each time i make something.

    Hi Mary. From watching tv earlier i discovered it's been around 35 today and with high humidity.
    I'm melting too and have had two cold baths so far. Roll on winter!

    Hi Rosanna. Here i am moaning about how hot it is but i forget you will have a much longer summer to cope with.
    I tried to email you earlier but it wouldn't send. Can you email me so i can then email you.
    My email is

    Hi Tabitha. Glad you like the bench. Its almost finished... lol.
    You are so lucky to have air conditioning.
    I think i'll look into this for next year.
    Maybe even move my work area to a different less hot area too during the summer months.

    Hi Never enough time. Glad you like the potting table.
    When i have items to sell on etsy i will first let everyone know here. I think it will be about week until i'm fully ready.
    I'm just not getting as much work done as i need to to have enought ready.
    Summer seems to take me away from my table... lol.

    Hi Debie. I too may start sleeping all day and work at night. But then i can't see colour under artificial light as well as natural.
    God knows how you are sculpting without the clay going horrid in this heat. All of mine is melting and so sticky.

    Thanks all. Apologies for any and all bad typing as usual.


  10. Es incleible, lo real que parece, fantastico. Saludos Angeles.

  11. I always love seeing what you have done!! And these tables have got to be some of my favorites:) I love that little broken pot with the pieces scattered about!

    LOL....I like the spring and the fall...not to hot, not to cold, hehehe

  12. Another wonderful creation Nikki.. xx

  13. Nikki thanks for the tip on the bags they look great, have tried to leave a thankyou comment but your blog keeps freezing on me for some reason as do some others, computers!!!! Kate and John xx


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