Sunday, 28 June 2009

Just a little update on the potion tables. As you can see they are still not finished, although i plan to add the finishing touches this evening.
The potting table is just at the beginning stages so will not get that finished this evening.
They have all taken quite some time to make. On two of the tables i've aged all the jars and all of those with corks have been extra work with sanding down all the corks to scale and ageing. Nearly all of the contents in the jars are handmade or bought items which i've adapted.
Then all the scrolls and jars labels have been burned... ouch! Can get to your poor fingers when too many.
I've also been getting together lots of new potion bottles and other things although as usual they have gone into my started and then thought up something new box. I have to learn to see things through to the end and not get distracted.
Poor Debbie from Tiny Treasures has lost her internet connection and is quite frustrated trying to figure out why and get it going again. I too keep losing my own. Has anyone else been having this problem recently? I think its because of all the thunder and lightening over the last few days.


  1. That is great Nikki, a wonderful work!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Nikki, I dont know which I like best....think I would want them all !!!
    julie :0)

  3. It cracks me up when you said "As you can see they are still not finished"....cause I would of never of known if you hadn't told me! Your tables are amazing!! I could sit and look at your work for hours!! :)

  4. The tables are terrific. But I can't think of anything else they need.

  5. Your tables are incredible! What are you going to add more? It seems there is no more space on them and they are so beautifully cluttered with lovely minis.They look perfect at my profane yes.

  6. These tables turned out absolutely fantasmic! I just love them all...done or not. Really, is anything ever "done"...? The variety of things you have on them make them so interesting. Again, as usual Miss Nikki, exquisite work!


  7. Nikki they are all stunning, and there's so much work gone into them. I love each one x
    Debie xxx

  8. WOW, I love the tables! Awesome work! So much detail!!


  9. Thye are so full of goodies, must have taken forever, love them all, Kate and john xx

  10. Wonderful Nikki.....they look awesome.

    How do you burn such tiny bits of paper !!!!

  11. Brilliant Nikki, the tables are wonderful..xx


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