Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Mandrakes and Harry Potter

This week Jodi over at is showing lots of Harry Potter dolls that she has worked on with Richard over the years. Make sure you pop over for a nose! My Fvaourite is Professor Pomona Sprout and the fantastic mandrake.
Also new this week if you pop over there and then click on their etsy link it will take you to the new creager shop. So far i've seen some fantastic face pins and looking forward to anything new that comes alomg.

I'll get back to my own mandrakes in a moment but first i just wanted to apologise to anyone that has emailed me in the last week and must be reading this thinking i'm ever so rude.
I've had some kind of weird bug/virus and have been feeling sick, with sore a stomach, a fever, a headache and aching limbs. I'm better now though and back to working.
I've kept meaning to email people and then kept running out of energy.
So apologies if i was meant to have sent a parcel or email and everything is late.

Anyway, the Creagers mandrake table inspired me to make my own and so started on this today. I still need to age all the pots, the table and the tools but quite happy with the basics so far.
The mandrake is sleeping and once he's potted you will just see his lips popping over the soil.
I also put together the basket and the little baby madrake roots on newspaper today.
These are not part of the table but thought i would share with you.
I love mandrakes and always enjoy seeing them made by other people. My only wish is that i had more patience and didnt want a face to appear in seconds. I have to learn to slow down, take it easy and take as long as needed. I'm like a child with short term interest in any one thing.

Here;s a fantastic link for ageing terracotta pots
I've been using just acrylics up until now but shall give this a go and see what happens. Hoping whats here will look more realistic.

Also, i ordered 60 plant pots which arrived today. They are perfect in width and height but the terracotta was not fine enough and so ruins the scale slightly.
So i have sanded them all to make thinner, and now they look more expenisive too.

Off now to paint the pots.


  1. Nikki I am sorry to hear you have been poorly. (((((((( hugs))))))))) its bad enough being ill with out having to look after kids too.

    Your stuff is great, I cant wait to see that Etsy shop full of all these goodies. There new owners will be very lucky, you put so much effort into your pieces and it shows :O)

    I get really fed up with the mini pots on offer. Thank you for the link.
    Mini Hugs
    Debie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hey Nik! I wuv the little mandwakes...they are so cute. I must have some of these. Cannot wait for you to get everything in your "shop". I have a lot of terra cotta pots which I too find are thicker than they should be. Have no clue why I bought them originally but maybe I'll haul them out and work on aging them. You gonna try that yogurt technique? (lol...just joking)Sounds rather icky.

    Sorry to hear you have been feeling puney. Sounds like that nasty flu thing is making the rounds. We have, so far, dodged that particular bullet but I expect it will come around again in the Fall with a vengence. (I may break down and actually get a flu shot this year.)


  3. Love the little mandrakes Nikki..
    Think I've now got what you've had! I hope your feeling better.. xx

  4. Hope you're feeling better, Nikki. The mandrakes are fab.

  5. The mandrakes are great!! This project must be so much fun :)


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