Thursday, 16 July 2009

Etsy and first sale!

Yey, i just put my first ever item on etsy. Heres the link - Mandrake Potting Table

On Sunday evening around 8 pm Uk time i will list lots more. The mandrake table is my tester to see if i have it set up right.

Its quite daunting doing something new and hope its worked ok.

Here's some pics of the mandrake potting table.

Also, check out this fab website - The Fabulous Farmhouse.
If you like sweets and chocolate in miniature this is a fab place to visit. The prices are good and the items are fantastic quality.
Plus there's lots of pretty things too.


  1. congrats on your first etsy sale!!!! That's really exciting but not surprising!! It looks great :) -ara

  2. Congratulations!! I'm not surprised, you make great things!! :D

  3. Congratulations to you Nikki, its well deserved, your minis are so wonderful :O)
    Debie xxxxxxxx

  4. Looks great Nikki...very well done :-) Did you have a sale already on etsy ? Congrats !!!

  5. As always beautifully made! Will try and visit your new selling page. Hope you are feeling better xxxx. P.S saw Harry Potter today WOW!

  6. This is so wonderful, Nikki!!! The first item on etsy. Congratulations.

    Lotti ;0)

  7. Your work is amazing, and so well made...!!
    Congrats for your first sale on Etsy :-D

    Best regards,

  8. Congratulations Nikki! That was swift. Up one moment and flew off the shelf the next! But then why not? Your things are exquisite.

  9. Very Big Congratulations Nikki on your first Etsy Sale..xx

  10. It's one of my many personal goals in the 'actually make something of myself before I die' list of things to do--make mini's good enough to offer on Etsy but being a mommy blob to three children, having a part-time job at a quilt shop and having to do the bare minimum of housekeeping, laundry and cooking I can get by with, this has so far eluded me! Best wishes. I know you will do well as you are a true artisan. I am sadly just a wannabe at this point!



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