Saturday, 11 July 2009

Link from Kat the Hat. Just for fun

Kat the Hat put this link on her blog earlier to put yourself in the Daily Prophet from Harry potter.
Here's a link to the site Daily Prophet . You have to watch the intro to the film first. On the right and very small there will be a menu and then select from that, then watch the film clips again... lol, before you get to the photo part.


  1. Looks great Nikki, just had a go myself...xx

  2. Always that you were a good witch, Nikki, didn't know you were a Death Eater...

  3. Still think we are related ha ha! Maybe distant Witch Cousins ha ha! You can also shrink it down print it out and put a few in your Witches house. That's what I am going to do see if my Mum notices that its me ha ha!


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