Wednesday, 8 July 2009

My Friend Debies Witch Doll on ebay.

My lovely friend Debie from Piskies and Poppets has put three fab dolls on ebay this week.
First off there is Millicent Madagora and her mandrakes. So in love with the colours Debie has used for her clothes and the lovely red hair. Wish i could get my flowers pots to muck up like debies too.
Then we have Mrs Mudge tickled off because she has spilled her bucket of water. My nan dressed like this and tied her head scarf in the same way. Plus her neighbour and the one after that.
God knows what their husbands thought!
Lord only knows how they managed to sleep on these hard curlers... ouch!
I can remember her sitting at the dressing table putting these curlers in with the powder puffs, make up and perfume she had sitting there since the twenties. She never used any of them and kept for best, but i would use them when she was busy making tea and powder puff away. She must have noticed my ghostly face... lol.
Mrs Mudge made me laugh so much because i have a photo of me dressed in much the same way. Its under my bed and will see if i can find it and post... oh lol.
Right back to Mrs Mudge. she has wrinkled tights at the ankles just like my nan did, and curlers. Plus the slippers were the same.
Debie has also made Bill the coal man and he's lovely and dirty as should be.
My fave is Millicent and the mandrakes.

Here is a link to debies blog Piskies and Poppets

Here is a link to Debies ebay sales page: Debie on ebay

Millicent Mandagora and the Coalman auctions end around 8.30pm UK time this coming Saturday.
Mrs Mudge ends Monday at 9 pm Uk time.
Please check these times because when god gave out brains i didnt get the part needed for maths. Tried my best to figure it out... lol


  1. Awwwwww bless you and thank you Nikki xxx
    Mini Hugs
    Debie xxx

  2. Ps the pots are grubbed up with acrylic paint on a wet sponge, burnt umber/raw sienna, with a dark green and lighter green. You put the paint on very watery and then add some of that moss you got for Morezemore (sp).

  3. Aren't they brilliant Nikki. I love the Witch. I hope Debie gets loads of

  4. All three very charming and well done....
    love all the wonderful accessories...
    What a nice friend you are for showing them off Nikki...


  5. This work is amazing. I really like good mouldings like that. And you're so lovely to show them up for her. Friends like you are the most important in the whole world. And so rare!
    lv spery


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