Monday, 20 July 2009

Ironing out the glitches!

Well, what a night last night was on esty. While everyone was happily shopping i was totally stressing.
I thought and was confident i had set up everything right, but once people started buying it soon came to my attention there were several issues with combined postage.
So this resulted in me needing to refund everyone, which then brought even more problems at paypal and these refunds refusing to send. I have now sorted this all out but have run out of time to take new photos for items i had planned to go on this evening.
So i will put new items on tomorrow evening (Tuesday).Hopefully its all set up to perfection.
Thank you to everyone that bought more than one item for being so understanding and patient. You should all have your refunds now.

I'm off to a craft village later today and then hoping to go and see harry potter this evening. Going to drink lots of coffee before so to prevent me falling to sleep.
The dark and a chair makes me nod off in seconds and have never actually seen a harry potter movie past the first few mins.
Really looking forwar to it and hoping i get a cauldron popcorn holder like Kat the Hat did. Mad i know!


  1. I too am going to see Harry Potter today. I can't wait. I don't know if the popcorn holder is a cauldron. Would love that. I'm glad you got your etsy fixed. Have a great day. Judy

  2. Esty is certainly different from ebay's BIN. I had the same problem as Kate. I guess you have to buy and then go back to shop....sigh. One has to be quick on the draw.

    Nikki...enjoy HBP. The opening is scenes are exciting so that should keep you awake for a bit :-).

  3. Seems strange that you have to pay for each item and then expect poor Nikki to have to work out the refund at the end of shopping! I presumed as it had a 'keep shopping' button I had won the item and was being redirected to shop more! Will know bettter next time, trouble is while your filling out the payment details you could miss out on something brilliant coming on!! How I love to picture us all sitting fingers on the buttons, just have that pic in your head Nikki and it will ease the stress and make you laugh a little !! Dosnt help when your husband is poking you in the ribs and cursing you for not doing it right and missing out !! He can do it next time and see if he does it any better lol xxxxxxxx

  4. OOOooooooh I will have to watch out for the combined postage thing, when I finally get my bum into action and put some things in my shop. It was exciting watching all the items disappear very quickly.

    I managed to get the little jars with unicorn spelled backwards (jumps up and down).

    Hope you have a lovely time seeing HP tonight xxx

    (((((((( hugs ))))))))))

    Debie xxxxxxx

  5. Hi Judy. I see from your comment in the above post you enjoyed the film. Did you get the popcorn cauldron?
    I have not been able to leave comments on blogs for a few days and could not leave a comment on yours after your return from visiting the new baby. The comments are working again now.
    Sounds like you had a lovely time.

    Hi Susan. I cant work out with esty if what you say is right or not. I was talking about this to debbie and it was one of my concerns because it would be unfair. I have one customer on etsy that is paying tomorrow and her items are not available for purchase and safe until she pays. So because of this i think maybe there is a way round this problem if it does exist. I think with anything new you just have to get used to it. I know i'm still ever so unsure about everything.

    Hi Kate and John. Read what i wrote for susan above. I'm in a pickle over this and so unsure myself. I keep trying to fully work etsy out myself.

    Hi Debie. I've now sorted out the postage thing and have decided to offer postage free past the first purchase from now on. I have worked out how to put a little on for each extra item but think my idea will just make life simpler.
    I'm posting your potion jars tomorrow for you with your other gift parcel i was meant to have posted last saturday (had a lie in).
    Once you get your etsy shop open if you get a bit stuck let me know and will help where i can. I was baffled by it all.


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