Sunday, 19 July 2009

Etsy sales and blog problems. Ooops forgot to say!

I'm having a few problems with my internet connection and can't leave comments on other blogs and my own after everyones kind comments for my previous post.
I dont know if this is blogger at the same time as my rubbish internet connection.
So yesterday i phoned india... lol, and have booked in a slot for virgin to sort me out and put in a much faster service. They are coming in August which seems a life time away.
Can you believe i've spent 6 hours taking photos and uploading them today? Its driving me nuts and should have been done by lunch time.

Anyway i have managed to take some photos for etsy this evening and in the min will go and sort out the descriptions.
Etsy i have discovered is unlike ebay where you can schedule a listing so i will have to put them all on one by one. Perhaps i can schedule them but so far have seen no evidence of this.
Lord knows how long it will take me to list them all with my bad connection.
Here's some pictures of whats going on this evening around 8 pm, and if you pop over to my other blog you can see lots more. Heres the link

I will put more on tomorrow evening (Monday) at the same time.

To make you laugh... lol. The light is not always on in my tiny brain. Can you see the jar in the bottom picture with unicorn horns in? Anyway it was rattling around my brain what on earth could nrocinu be. I even did a search on the internet, oh lol. Then i stood back, looked at the word and realised it was unicorn backwards.
Still with the light not on the other one that says tac ybbat also took me some time to figure. Its tabby cat and is full of the cats whiskers.
I will just blame my stupidity on being tired.

I forgot to say that this little man Bertram Birch is going on ebay. I'm rubbish at trying to price certain items so will leave it to the auction to decide. He's going on this evening.
I know its daft, but i love him to bits and shall miss him watching over me as i work.
The name Bertram means Bright and bright raven in certain countries.
My ebay link can be found on my sidebar.

Nikki x

I can't leave a comment so will do so here. Hopefully this will stop happening. Is anyone else having this problem?
In reply to susan. Lol at you. I opened the door and cut the ribbon, then got in a pickle sitting here. Phew, they are all done now!
Thank you Debie for the valued comment. I've worked so hard trying to improve and learning so many new things. I've spent many an hour just experimenting, trying everything and researching. Alongside trying to make and creat on a very tight budget.


  1. Leave the jars as they are Nikki, Tac ybbat sounds like a witchy word xxxx

    Sorry to hear you have been having problems ((((hugs ))))) heres to you getting them fixed soon.

    I cant keep telling you how wonderful your minis are I just did it in a newer post LOL xxxxxxxxxxx

    Debie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. did it end up backwards do you suppose? Anyway, the stuff looks great!

  3. I am waiting patiently with my nose pressed up against the shop window but the lights are still off and the door is locked. :-(

  4. Good God! I went to powder my nose and by the time I returned the shop had opened and the shelves were all but bare!! Yay for Nikki!!

  5. Congratulations Nikki on all your first sales. We had a go but not sure on how Etsy works as we pressed to add to basket, and then instead of checking out, pressed to continue shopping at which time it told us the item we had picked had sold and was not available......huh!! So we wernt sure if we had got it or not, I suppose not. Will have to figure out how to buy things next time, have only ever bought a single item before on Etsy.It seems different to buy it now on ebay. So well done all those who were succesful. Better luck next time? Kate and John xxx


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