Monday, 20 July 2009

Harry Potter And The flog A Dead Horse

Well i went with my husband Mick and youngest two boys Patrick and Niall to see the new Harry Potter film today.
We all bought out drinks, popcorn and nachos and sat and waited while all the adverts and other film releases were shown.
My husband went to sleep which is normally what i do, but i was determined to stay awake. So stay awake i did.
I know everyone is loving this film but i just didn't think it to be great or anything out of the ordinary. I thought it lacked everything i love in a film.
I was sitting there thinking i wonder how much longer it will go on for, then all of a sudden the end came and it was like being cheated.
I've read all the books which are ok, but believe it or not i've never been a fan of harry and his chums. Perhaps this is why i've given this posting such a title.
Give me Alan Bennett any day, his books and tv programmes have always taken me to wonderful places and adventures outside the norm. A link to his work can be found on my sidebar. Here's a man that can work magic with words and the screen!


  1. Did you at least get a cauldron with your popcorn?

  2. No... lol. But i did get lots of craft bits and bobs before we went. I found some lovely deep picture frames and will make scenes for them.
    I've been looking forever for them and there they were sitting on the shelf waiting for me.
    Sadly the shop only had two.

  3. Oh Nikki what a shame you didn't enjoy the film. Did you manage to get to Hobbycraft as well today as well as the craft village? x

  4. Hi Nikki as I have already written on Sans' blog I have shared your own opinion. I felt cheated on something. The costumes are wonderful as well as the rooms and landscapes but it looked like a teen movie to me.It lacked of real drama and it's really too much different from the book. My sister in law, who is a huge Potter fan, had the same feeling.I'm happy we are not the only ones. Hugs

  5. Nikki, It has been a blast chatting with you on line the past few days. Had to pop you a note, I went to the fabric store and found some fantistic fabrics for the Halloween Table Runners, I can't stop thinking about the bone cutlery. My mind is racing. You have the coolest ideas. Take care, LOL Lisa

  6. Nikki! We went to see HP this morning. I am on your side all the way... I thought that the movie had little relation to the book and it was so chopped up that it was hard to follow. I am a fan, but that was not the best Harry. I'm glad that I'm not alone.

  7. Phew someone else who was disappointed. We were too. It was a tad flat, too much emphasis on comedy and not enough action. And what was all that rubbish about the Burrow being destroyed? Perhaps they knew this one was a bit of dud thats why they delayed it coming out?
    Well at least you got some craft goodies.
    Debie xxxxxx

  8. guys shock me...I guess there are Harry Potter Fans...and then there are HARRY POTTER FANS!! I fall to the latter. As I said in my review...they changed many things (from the book) this does not make it a bad movie though. As I always say..."sometimes you just have to let art flow"
    Sorry you thought it a stinker Nikki...


  9. I haven't seen it yet but the first movie was hands down my favorite. I loved all the books and was sad to read the last one.



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