Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I worked it out.

I've had quite a few emails from people that are new to esty asking so many questions, most of which i dont know myself, but one in particular has really been bugging me and its the most asked.
The question asked is: When i click on add to basket i thought it was safe and meant i would be gauranteed buying this item, only to find somebody else clicked and paid before me.
What you have to do is make sure you have your address stored on your etsy, you can do this in your shipping options or personal details. It will then stay there for each purchase or sale.
Then when you see an item you would like to buy you click add to cart. This will take you to a sort of pre checkout page. You then click checkout which will take you to a final review page. once on this page above where it says add your address details there is a tab that you can click on called choose a saved address, this will take 1 secong rather than filling in the details. You click on this and then click the green final review tab at the bottom of the page. You then click commit to buy. Now the item cannot be bought by another person
I am sure to an old hand our worries and issues over this must seems daft but something new always thows up concerns.
I just did all this on a few items as a tester. I didnt hit the final button commiting to buy. But this is how you safegaurd in etsy to make sure an item is your.

I timed how long this took and it really was only a few seconds. If you run this test yourslef make you you dont hit the final commit button otherswise you will be buying stuff you dont want.


  1. "otherwise you will be buying stuff you dont want." ..... hehehehe I'll have to double check on my acct right now. Thanks, Nik!

  2. I realized that I did have my address saved and used the "saved" option but I still wsn;t fast enough. I think part of my problem was that it was the first time I'd actually purchased something and the "clicking" wasn't automatic...I took time to read things and those extra secs caused just enough delay. But it is still better than snipers on ebay! Can't wait for tonight.

  3. Thanks for the info. and tips Nikki... I have had several of our collectors write back to us when we told them we were now selling smaller items on ETSY...many of them said they have so much trouble with ETSY and the check out process as well as 'finding' work ...they seem upset that dolls and minis are not seperate... most still prefer EBAY ...I like both of different reasons.
    Best of luck with sales...


  4. Glad your working out all the kinks....The whole shopping online thing worries me, too....So, I'm glad your sharing your learning experiences with us!! :)


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