Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Thank you!

Yesterday when i asked Debbie to do a posting for me it was because i had promised people i would have items going on etsy in the evening and didnt want everyone to think i was being rude or that i dont stick to my word. Also because i look a bit daft saying one thing and then doing another.
I'm a terrible worrier about letting people down when i say something.
I never expected everyone to be so concerned and thoughtful and to send so many good wishes, both here and to my email. It really was lovely to know so many of you care.
When i started blogging i had no idea i would enjoy it so much and also find some wonderful people out there. And wonderful people i have found and many new friends that are always supportive in every way possible.
We are home now and fine. Michael is going for further tests Friday because nothing conclusive has been found as yet althought he shows all the symptoms of angina.
I've been nagging him for for the last few days to go and get checked out, but he didnt want to go incase he was wrong and it was something else. He also hates to be a waster of other peoples valuable time and especially hospitals.
I never really talk about my family much here other than tiny little snippets because it is afterall a miniature based blog. But i have been worried about him for quite some time and especially the last few days. He has looked so ill and pale. We did put this down to being tired before yesterday.
Even though i dont talk about my family much yesterday we did find humour in all of this and i reckon we must have warped minds at time.
He laughed at me checking everything out in the hospital for mini potential. I do this mini potential everywhere i go, in the strangest of places and at the most inconvenient times.
He's fine now although still getting pains but i'm hoping by Friday we find out it is something not related to his heart and can be easily sorted.
I'm really thankful for all of your good thought s and best wishes.
Nikki x


  1. I'm very glad Michael is ok. And glad you are back. Judy

  2. I hope the doctors can quickly figure out the problem and fix it. There's nothing more distracting than when our dearly beloveds are ill.

  3. I know how worrisome it is to know something's not right but not knowing what it is (going through that at the moment myself :) ) Please keep us posted.

    So, did you find anything in the hospital mini potential wise? :)

    Big hug, Marsha

  4. i am glad your man is oke!
    i hope you too!

    gr Marja

  5. So glad to hear that you are all back home. And I am hoping (mostly praying) that the further tests show the symptoms are from something quickly and easily treatable.

    You are funny, Nikki, but I,too, find myself looking for "mini potential" where ever I'm at...regardless of the reason. :-)

  6. Oh yes, i saw lots of great things for minis but sadly i couldnt go raiding the trolleys and things attached to the walls.
    They have great little bendy pipes attached to the things they put into your arm to collect multiple batches of blood. Would have been perfect for mad scientist scenes.
    Hopitals have fantastic spotlight lamps on stretchy arms and if they were not screwed to the walls in my bag one would have gone.
    Minis potential is everywhere... lol.

  7. Nikki, I am pleased you are home and Michael is taking care of himself, you are in my prayers. I agree with you about friendships, who would have thought my crazy idea to transition over to minis would bring such a wealth of support, encouragement and genuine affection. You are a doll and loved by many...... Take care of yourself as well. LOL, Lisa

  8. I'm so happy to read that everything will be slved and fixed in a short time.Best best wishes to Michael, may he recover in a minute time.Hugs to you all

  9. Happy to hear you arrived home safely and your lovely hubby is having his tests on Friday. Oh and to top it all and add to your ever growing in tray of emails I sent you another

    ((((((((((((((((( hugs and much love ))))))))))))

    Debie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Glad to hear he's doing better! Hopefully he's Great soon!!

    I had to laugh about looking for minis at the hosipital...When I took my son for shots Tuesday, He was so embarrassed because I was digging these things out of the trash that would make perfect shelves!!! He was laughing at me cause I was getting excited about trash!!! LOL...sometimes there's some good stuff in there!!

    Take Care!!

  11. Glad to hear it seems to have been just a scare. Hope he'll monitor things and stay on top of it! Blog all you wish about your family. I have never considered myself the 'best' wife or mother in the world but I do go on about my family in my blog which I guess bores people to tears and is a big turnoff to some but they are my life and I'm so very thankful, proud and honored to have them so I have to yak on and on about them off and on, especially since I'm building Joanna's dollhouse just now! So, I'll enjoy reading about you and your family. Take care.


  12. Good to hear he's being taken care of.
    Take it easy.

  13. Nikki,sounds like you have been having a very worrying time. Glad to hear Michael is home,hope they sort him out soon. Take care Love Jain xxxx

  14. Hi Nikki
    I am glad Michael is home. Angina is worrying but it could have been a lot worse. At least it isn't anything serious enough to have kept him in there.

    As for mini hunting....I was really sick and in hospital 2 Christmases ago. I came home with all the tubes and things they had me wired up to :-)

    I'll see if Mick has any of those tubes at work for you, unused ones of course :-)

  15. Hugs and kisses to you both. I tell you something funny I was eating takeaway Sushi from marks and Spencers and nicked everyones little bottle of soya sauce as it came in a miniture plastic bottle ha ha ha!

  16. Thank you all once again for your best wishes.
    We will find out later today but i think and have an idea it is something else.
    I have had to laugh at us all looking for mini potential everywhere we go and all the digging around in bins and things we do.
    I'm a devil for mcdonalds coffee stirrers. They make great minis... lol.

    Jayne, yours isworst coming home with all the tubes... oh lol.
    This lady has an ever growing strange amount of weird items that she keeps.
    If you think the tubes are of use i would be interested and i know Debbie from tinytreasures is also after tubes for her lab sets.

    Thank you all for taking the time to care.

    Nikki x

  17. Glad to see you are both back home and able to at least laugh at miniaturehunting in the hospital!
    Good luck today with the testing!

  18. Nikki I have sent Mick to work with instructions for finding mini lab items...he is so busy making real life medical stuff I hope he remembers.

    Any news for Michael today ?


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