Saturday, 6 June 2009

Wax and stain in one.

For all of us unsure what to buy to stain and wax our miniature furniture i thought this could be the ideal product. I think it will be what quite a few of us are looking for.
Heres the link - Stain and wax
I've just bought some and will let you all know what its like during the week.

Plus while there check out all the lovely furniture and stained glass etc. Although not miniature its great for ideas and the wood carvings are beautiful. The have a fab eagle lectern too.


  1. Mmmm...sounds like just the thing. Of course, not available except via mail order. Do let us know your results which I frankly think will be exactly what your looking for. This is a perfect product for minis because it sounds like it gives the color and the shine without the gloss (and with half the work).


  2. Looking forward to see if this gives the right look Nikki
    Kate xx

  3. This looks good stuff Nikki. A tip I got from Apollo furniture is to melt a little shoe polish and add it to beeswax. This works a treat apparently. Jain x x x x x

  4. Hi Susan. I agree. I dont want a lot of shine, just a hint... Lol.

    Hi Kate and john. Will let you both know what its like but love jains idea below.

    Hi Jain. Thats a great idea. Wish i had thought of show polish the other day. You would think getting the right colour of wood would be simple.Hopefully this stuff works.

    Nikki x

  5. Hope it works Nikki.

    Shoe polish is a great idea.....always the simple ones that evade us huh :-)

  6. Great find Nikki. Can't wait to hear how you find it. Another good stain and wax is Ronseal's. xx


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