Saturday, 6 June 2009

Things not speaking to me.

I reckon its the moon or something but nothing is speaking to me. I just can't finish anything and spending forever and a day just pondering at the moment.
The potting scene is not really any further along apart from the one new addition of a plant and even thats not finished. I made it from paper and thought i'd put curly coils going upwards in the middle. But i just dont have a clue what to add to the ends.
So i've taken out all my unfinished work and still they just sit and leave me wondering. I hate it when this happens because i want to finish things but my brain doesnt think. Its not as if i'm tired, i've slept like a baby all week.
The silver birch broom is driving me mad. I've tried all things with him but i'm never happy. I so badly want him to hold something but everything just look wrong. I wish he was a girl because a baby broom wrapped in a cloth would look great. Maybe he can be the daddyy holding the baby, but then i feel there should also be a mum... lol.
I'm off to ponder some more and probably not really get anywhere!


  1. Could he hold a list of things to be potted.

  2. sometimes the Muse refuses to cooperate. She is a very fickle friend, no? I usually walk away from it all for a or cook. Anyway, the little plant has promise. And I've always liked that broom....maybe he could hold another broom? lol.


  3. Hi Nikki, just popped in quickly to see what your up to. Love all the new furniture you brought. I hope inspiration strikes and you can get on with all your wonderful creations. Will try and ring you in the week..xx

  4. Know the feeling Nikki, I have to be 'in the mood' for a certain project. Sometimes i have to just leave it a long while and then one day I just get an idea and an urge and can finish it in a day, it all just comes to you. Maybe you need a break like that and once you see how boring it is not to be creating youll be straight back in there! Love it as it is, but expect you have lots more you want to do. Kate and John xx

  5. Nikki,
    I was thinking, and thought like Judy maybe a list, or possibly a feather duster, a wooden dust pan... Your muse will return. Mine does the same thing and usually appears when I don't have the time to sit and chat with Love the things you have with the potting corner so far, but the broom has to be my favorite..well and the mandrakes you make..

  6. Oh, boy, Nikki, I KNOW the feeling! I agree with what others have said, walk away from it, take a break from minis altogether. When you least expect it, the prefect solution will pop into your head! Mini hugs :)

  7. I really love it so far!! I like what Tina mentioned above about the broom holding a dust pan, or maybe a cat, mouse, or a spider hanging down from a string. Since there is a birdhouse maybe it could be holding a bird. I'm sure you will think of something! It looks wonderful!!


  8. Perhaps the broom can hand the witch a small mandrake which will be potted.


  9. Have a stroll, cook a cake, play with your kids and inspiration will come back. You are such a talented girl, may be you have asked to much to yourselves lately. Have a nice Sunday

  10. Hi Nikki, I'm sure you won't be lost for ideas for long, but I know just how you feel, it happens to me all the time! how about some bloodshot eyeball buds on the end of the curly coils? and I agree with Lotti about Mr Broom possibly helping repot the mandrakes too as his hand is sort of positioned just right and the expression on his face looks like it would suit holding a screaming mandrake too. :o)

  11. I keep losing my internet connection and hate to be rude and not leave a comment back. Will do so when i know the internet is working fine again.

  12. Glad I'm not the only one who gets stuck wondering what to work on or how to be productive at times! Your work is always superb and I'm sure you'll be right back to it--probably already are by the time I'm getting around to checking in.

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  13. it will come back if you ignore it and step away (((())))

    I'd bend Mr Brooms fingers up in a V shape :-)


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