Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Stain and wax result.

Following the previous post the stain and wax arrived today and here is the result.
I'm not sure if this is a good picture or not because i cant get the screen colour setting right on my comp. I'll cross refernce it later from the laptop that i know has perfect colour settings.
The actual colour has come out like a medium oak, but i really wanted darker. I'll try adding dark shoe polish to the next attempt.
I've been busy around the house the last few days, tidying the garage and going to the rubbish dump. Saw loads of great things there being chucked out but you're not allowed to take them home. Could have cried.
Also been pottering around doing other jobs outside of the house like staining fences and finishing off paint jobs i left a few weeks ago. So not had any time for minis really.
The potting corner has a few new additions and some others i wont show yet. I need to put soil in all the pots and age some so please ignore the fimo soil for the moment.
I've also secured the creeping vine in place but still need to make the leaves and stick them on. I've been playing around with paper and wire in my first attempts at making realistic plants, plus making some rootings in glass jars of mucky water.
Just a few more bits to go and then the potting corner is ready.
Last night i watched The Reader and made 30 of the wonky potion bottles again. Spent most of the time crying because it's ever such a sad film. Couldnt see my work lol.
I cry at everything.


  1. Nikki your little potting shed is alive with wonderful creations...It looks totally amazing..xx

  2. Your plants are great, Nik. Love the little 'shrooms! I have been experimenting eith the shoe polish thing and find it just doesn't get dark or rich enough on the bare wood. I have a mahogany gel stain which I use to touchup my front door. It's like a thick jelly. I'm going to see how the bass wood takes that stain. I'm told sometimes you have to go back for several coats. We'll see. The medium oak is nice but I understand what you mean by wanting a richer color. That potting corner has taken on a life of its own, eh?


  3. The table looks great and I love the little mushrooms!!


  4. Hi Nikki, its a lovely colour but I agree with you, a spooky feel would be better in a deep dark oak, hope you achieve it.
    As for the potting corner, well WOW, its breathtaking. Love all the new additions, your plants are just wonderful, are they made from papaer?
    When you get a moment could you possibly give me tips on making some cheap books. We need to make over 50 for Dumbledores study and didnt know if you used wood for yours as they look great, alot better than ones Ive seen made of wood before. I suppose alot of the realism is in getting nice thin leather for the covers too, I always end up buying it too thick. Thanks Nikki, just love what youve been doing
    Kate and John xx

  5. This looks amazing Nikki ! I like the table the way it is but can see why you would like it darker, I use ronseal wood dye which comes in some fab dark shades , then you can clear wax over the top for a bit of polish. works a treat everytime !
    julie xx

  6. You felt inspiration less, didn't you? Nikki, the shed is gorgeous and the plants and jars...they are brilliant.

  7. Wow Nikki....your plants are pretty darn amazing. I love the little eyeball plants :-)

    And I love the roots can also try cotton thread painted and stiffened for very fine roots.

    I like the color a lot but yes I agree for spooky perhaps a little darker.

  8. Kate..try old wallets or billfolds (if you can get people to give to you)for the thinnest leather. Sorry, I might be calling it the wrong thing for you. I mean the thing men keep their money their pockets. Well, ladies too I guess..


  9. It's all wonderful, Nikki. You've outdone yourself again.

    The color on the table looks good, but I agree it might need to be darker for "spooky."

  10. Hi Debbie. Thanks for the kind comment and glad you like it.

    Hi IceQueen. Thanks for letting me know. I have some black shoe polish and will try adding a little of that. I'll do it on scrap though and if it doesnt work i'll go and and buy what Debbie suggests.

    Hi Jamie. Thanks for the nice comment.

    Hi Kate and John. I will email you later and tell you about the books. I need to anyway about the horse wings.

    Hi Julie. I shall look for a dark ronseal when i go shopping next week. We dont have anything local.

    Hi Rosanna. Yes, took a break and then knew what to do. Its a great tip simply having a break.

    Hi Jayne. Some of them are better than others and the photos are showing all their flaws. Hate photos for doing this. Still got quite a few more to make.
    I will use your thread trick for the broom holding a freshly pulled mandrakes. I was wondering how to give him fine roots.

    Hi Ice Queen. Wallets are wallets here too but i don't think bill folds are billfolds, although could be wrong.
    Thanks for the tip though, i'll go hunting out all the old leather gloeves, wallets and what not.

    Hi MiniKat. Thanks for the kind comment.
    I too agree, darker will be better although the colour at the momemnt may be good for a botanical table.

    Nikki x

  11. Missed this post the other day.....I love where the potting shed is headed!! WOW!! Love the new mushrooms...

    And in case you didn't find it, The rocks on my house were made from paperclay! Really easy!! And just painted with water colors! I'm really liking it myself, too!! Very time consuming though!!

    Still have to see The Reader, I'll remember to keep a box a tissue near by, lol...I'm a cryer, too!

  12. Nikki I just love your work! Everything is so awesome! I love the Mandrakes! The one with only an eyeball is priceless. The mushrooms are great too and the sprouts in the bottles are perfect! You really have a delightful style!


Thank you for your comment xxx